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To Walk Out a Distinctive Path of "Cultural Travel"
From:湖南省政府网 | Date Add in:2019-07-26 11:15:00 [A  A]

On March 6, Duan Zhigang, deputy secretary and deputy director of the Standing Committee of CPC committee of the Hengyang People's Congress went into Hengnan County to investigate the project of Huijing Yanhu Ecological Culture and Tourism Town and Hengyang Dream Oriental International Tourism Resort. He stressed that the two tourism projects should be carried out in the name of "cultural tourism", and focus on culture as the main line to create characteristic tourism projects, and to enhance the sustained attraction of the tourism market. Yang Hongfeng, Secretary of the Hengnan County Committee of the Communist Party of China, Li Jun, Deputy Secretary of the county committee, and Qiu Qingyan, director of the Standing Committee of the county people's congress, accompanied with him in this investigation.


Duan Zhigang and his entourage first came to the Yanhu ecological culture and travel town, and asked about the project construction in detail. Up to now, Huijing Yanhu Eco-cultural Town Project has been invested 1.16 billion yuan, Colma Town Phase I and the main body of European style commercial street has been completed.This April,the construction of the Hilton five-star hotel project will be started, and in June, the construction of forest water world, Discovery Kingdom and other theme parks,will begin soon. Duan Zhigang requested that the project should focus on the "integration of culture and tourism" to further optimize the planning of culture and tourism, focus on promoting culture and tourism projects, increase investment in cultural and tourism,and improve the harmony development of culture and tourism.


Subsequently, Duan Zhigang came to Oriental International Tourism Resort to see the progress of the project and get to know the difficulties and problems encountered in the construction process. At the meeting, Duan Zhigang fully appraised the series of work carried out in the early stage of the project and expressed firm confidence in its future development. At the same time, he demanded that the project should closely focus on the development of cultural tourism, further clarify the objectives and tasks, steadily implement land requisition and demolition, accelerate the construction of the project and response timely in the follow-up procedures. He was accompanied by Zhou Xiangyang, deputy head of Hengnan County People's Congress Standing Committee and Chen Min, deputy head of Hengnan County.

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