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Children's Library : Brand Leads to More Reading and Better Reading
From:衡阳市党政门户网 | Date Add in:2020-07-29 10:51:14 [A  A]

During the epidemic , the Municipal Children's Library actively carried out online thematic activities, led the majority of minors to participate in various readings through online activities, and make the most use of the "house" time reading more and good books to help improve the overall reading level and meet the spiritual and cultural needs of young people. At present, the children's reading events have become a characteristic brand activity of the cultural and tourism department of our city in the ideological and moral construction of minors.

To create a good reading atmosphere

In recent years, the Municipal Children’s Library has carried out multifaceted children’s reading research, guidance and promotion activities, aimed at vigorously cultivating and practicing reading tradition, promoting permanent national reading, and striving to form a good  atmosphere of“more reading , better books, and enjoyable reading”. 

At present, the Library has cultivated three brands for children's reading promotion, they are Municipal Children's Reading", "Happy Weekend Reading" and " Books Recommendation", and has won provincial and ministerial awards. Among them, the "Happy Weekend Reading" was rated as a "Typical Case of Grassroots Cultural Volunteer Service" by the Ministry of Culture in 2015.

Beginning in 2013, The "Happy Weekend Reading" activity, a public welfare activity, is carefully created by the City Children's Library, aiming to provide reading guidance for minors in our city. By the end of 2019, 227 events had been launched, serving 70,000 readers.

This event makes full use of the resources advantages of the library venues, books, librarians and other resources to carry out reading guidance activities. Each time, through different free themed activities such as "Books Recommendation", "Lectures", "Entertainment joy" and "Volunteer Actions", it selects books suitable for minors and summarizes professional children's bibliography. 

At the same time, experts and scholars are invited as volunteers to read and share with young children; games, competitions, creations, parent-child interaction and other forms of recreational activities are carried out, so as to exercise the ability of judgment and reaction of young people, enhance their sense of participation and competition, stimulate their sense of honor; enhance parent-child emotions to build a harmonious family, and create a good platform for children's overall and healthy development. Besides, it regularly conducts summary and recognition conference; On the basis of these, minors can not only reap the joy of reading, but also present themselves through the event.

Innovative form to provide a display platform for minors

During the epidemic, the library was closed but keep the Internet available, so that minors could enjoy reading without leaving their home, and a " classical reading, national anti-epidemic " listening and punching activity was launched, and also, organized minors to use paintbrushes to record everything happened during the epidemic, and an online activity of “Using paintbrushes to Fight the Epidemic”, which not only popularizes knowledge of epidemic prevention, but also propagates heroes fright against the epidemic. A total of 165 paintings were received in the event, 11 of which were recommended to participate in the "Artistic Anti-epidemic and Online Traveling in Hunan" solicitation activity, and 4 were awarded outstanding children's painting works.

In recent years, the Library has elaborately created themed activities such as “Come to the Museum to challenge parents-and-children reading for 15 days ”,“Magic Reading Festival”, “Full of Fragrance, Classical Reading” and social practice for “Little Librarian” , which are highly sought after by minors and citizens, and has become special events. The library helps minors develop good reading habits and improve reading quality through various thematic activities; at the same time, it helps to harmonize the parent-child relationship of minors in the activities and provides a stage for minors to present themselves.

Sponsored by Hengyang Municipal People's Government, Undertaken by Hengyang Normal University
Co-sponsored by Information Office of Hengyang Municipal People's Government Technical Support & Design:Hengyang Normal University
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