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Hengyang: Tourism Market Steadily Picked up on May Day Holiday
From:衡阳市党政门户网 | Date Add in:2020-08-13 17:46:16 [A  A]

On May 5, it is learned from Hengyang Culture and Tourism Department, during the May Day holiday, that the city received a total of 1.5745 tourists and achieved tourism revenue reached 1.216 billion yuan. Affected by the epidemic and early "Hengyang people visit Hengyang, Hengyang people love Hengyang" series of activities publicity, Hengyang tourism consumption to local tourists self-driving tour, short tour, rural tour mainly, the city's cultural tourism market epidemic prevention and control in place is steadily improving. During the May Day holiday, Hengyang city, a number of scenic spots ushered in the epidemic since the first peak visitors volume. Among them, Mount Heng (including Hongxing Village, Waterfall cave, etc.), the Mount Heng scenic area received 36,600 tourists and achieved a total tourism revenue of 1.8624 billion yuan.

On the holiday, the Municipal Art Troupe has launched an online performance of traditional operas, allowing citizens to enjoy national intangible cultural heritage dramas at their homes, the "the Chinese rose blossom, the maple leaves golden" of Chashan Ao scenic spot in Zhuhui District, on 2020 Rural Tourism and Cultural Festival in Zhuhui District, and the "Paradise on Earth, To Enjoy Azalea" Cultural Tourism Festival in Changning city in 2020 in Changning Paradise Mountain Scenic Spot, etc. It attracted a large number of local tourists to the spring hiking; many tourists who love humanities and history choose to visit Hengyang museum, Xiangnan Students Union Memorial hall and other boutique exhibition; The paper workshop of CAI Lun Memorial Hall held the activity of "51 Manual Children's Day: Hand-made paper making experience and corrugated paper making experience", and the municipal Children's Library participated in the activity of "Nationwide Reading Season in 2020: happily read classic Books among the city ", which became a good choice for the whole family to carry out parent-child tour...It makes tourists enjoy high-quality tourism experience that abundant and diverse cultural tourism product supply, novel form and novel content, it also makes hengyang cultural tourism industry recovery and further boost cultural tourism consumer confidence, even actively drive the development of related industries.

Travel safety is the primary concern of citizens traveling this year. In accordance with the general requirements of "flow control, appointment, safety and order", To A-class tourist scenic spots in the city to implement the practice of "five requirements for into the scenic spots" : to make an appointment in (must one day in advance reservation through official account), limited in approved (no more than 30% of the maximum bearing capacity), scan a QR code in(namely must scan the QR code of Hunan Health and Epidemic Prevention and Control Travel to acquire the Green Health code and Green Arrow), segmented into the garden (that is divided into two periods) after six o 'clock to half past eight and half past eight, orderly into the scenic (i.e. in accordance with the requirements for the epidemic prevention and control and 5A reception standard, measuring temperature, wearing masks, not cluster, not crowded, orderly). At the same time, the city's cultural centers, libraries, museums and other public cultural and sports service places are required to strictly implement the prevention and control requirements of "indoor closure, outdoor flow restriction, off-peak and off-peak flow, time-sharing zoning, open by appointment, one-way tour", and do a good job in prevention and control of public health and venues.

By the end of May 5, 14 o 'clock, Hengyang city scenic areas have not found a large number of people gathered, monitoring the 11 scenic areas, the daily reception of tourists are not more than 30% of the maximum authorized capacity, basically achieve flow limit, peak, reservation, orderly opening. The city's tourism market is in good order, and no valid complaint telephone and travel safety accident report has been received.

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