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Holiday Tourism Revenue of Hengyang Dragon Boat Festival amounts to 844 Million Yuan
From:衡阳市党政门户网 | Date Add in:2021-09-29 12:14:25 [A  A]

On June 15th, the reporter found out from Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports that the total number of tourists of Hengyang was 953100 during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, a 17.49% increase year-on-year; the holiday tourism revenue amounted to 844 million yuan, increasing by 35.5% year-on-year. 

According to the monitoring results of 45 cultural and tourism organizations involved, during the three-day holiday, 14 A-level scenic spots received 324000 tourists and achieved an operating income of 20.7547 million yuan; 6 rural tourism areas received 54500 tourists and earned 2.165 million yuan; 14 cultural centers, libraries and museums received a total of 30317 tourists.  

The reporter learned that the Mount Heng scenic area received 63900 tourists, with a ticket revenue of 3.4884 million yuan; Chashanao scenic spot in Zhuhui District received about 70400 tourists and achieved tourism income of 2.5113 million yuan. Up to now, the Mount Heng scenic area ranked 5th in the province in terms of ticket revenue on that day, and Yinshan cultural tourism zone in Changning ranked 9th.  

During this holiday, the citizens responded to the initiative of celebrating the festival on the spot. Suburban tour, short-distance tour and country tour became the major way of travelling, and the tourists in various tourist attractions were mainly natives. To enrich the cultural activities of the general public during the holiday, Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports had released the excellent tourist route, “Beautiful Hengyang, a Hit in Southern Hunan”, before the festival for public reference.  

Apart from Mount Heng, Shigu Academy, Luo Ronghuan’s Former Residence and other traditional scenic spots, some new scenic spots became popular as well. The “Jinjia rose garden+ red bayberry garden+ peach garden” in Chashanao Town in Zhuhui District had opened officially before the festival, in which visitors could not only enjoy flowers, but also pick bayberries and peaches. Hengdong County’s first red bayberry picking festival was held in Mijiang ecological park. A series of wonderful activities, such as picking and eating red bayberries, and tasting wine made of red bayberries, attracted many tourists and lasted from June 10th to 21st.   

In addition, under the guidance and supervision of Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Broadcasting and Sports, all scenic spots and rural tourists spots focused on the safety work of scenic spot tour, road traffic, special equipment, firefighting, food, etc., and implemented strictly the prevention and control measures such as real-name registration, code scanning, body temperature measurement, and controlling the volume of tourists. The leaders and personnel on duty implemented the on-duty system to ensure clear liaison and smooth operation.  

So far, the city’s tourism market has been running smoothly and orderly, with no complaints and safety accidents.

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