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  Brovary is a city in Kiev Oblast province in northern Ukraine, an eastern suburb of the country's capital, Kiev. Administratively, it is incorporated as a town of oblast significance. It also serves as the administrative centre of Brovary Raion (district), though it does not belong to the raion. The Population of Brovary is about 98,250 in 2013.



  Brovary is a historic town, first mentioned in 1630. Its name, translated from Ukrainian, means "brewers". The city also houses a railway station. International ill-fame came to the city in 2000 after one of itsapartment blocks was hit by a stray surface-to-surface missile launched from a neighbouring army shooting range in Honcharivs'ke. Three people were killed.

  Today, Brovary is Ukraine's shoe-making capital with dozens of such companies located here. At Brovary, there is also a broadcasting centre for long and shortwaves. The longwave transmitter, which works on 207 kHz, uses as its antenna two 259.6 m (852 ft) tall guyed mast radiators each equipped with a cage antenna at their lower part. Brovary is also an important sport centre of Ukraine. Several world and Olympicchampions were born and/or began their career here. Ukraine's national mint facility is located in Brovary.

  Brovary is a district centre in Kyiv region. It is situated 20 kilometers from the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. Brovary district lies in the areas of mixed forests. The climate here is moderately continental with the middle temperature -6 C in January and +19 C in July.

  The territory of the region was populated ages ago by the ancestors of the current inhabitants � trypillians, who were the first in Europe to sow seeds of the well-known Ukrainian bread.[citation needed]Brovary was firstly mentioned in 1630. In that time there were only 60 or 70 houses in Brovary, but in 1649 a Cossack sotnya is known to have been formed there. Cossacks took part in Liberation movement under Bohdan Khmelnytsky`s leadership.

  International ill-fame came to the city in 2000 after one of its apartment blocks was hit by a stray surface-to-surface missile launched from a neighboring army shooting range in Honcharivs`ke. Three people were killed.

  Brovary was twinned with Hengyang City in November 1995. 
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