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Zheng Xiuchun, an intangible cultural heritage inheritor, is committed to making distiller’s yeast, in order to retain the taste of Hengshan wine
From:衡阳市政府门户网站 | Date Add in:2023-12-03 14:32:04 [A  A]

Distiller's yeast is very important for making wine, and only very good distiller's yeast can achieve high wine quality. On November 30, Zheng Xiuchun is making distiller's yeast cakes in Simaling Brewing Workshop in Kaiyun Town. In May 2022, Zheng Chunxiu was identified as the fourth batch of county-level representative inheritors of Hengshan distiller's yeast cake making techniques under the county-level intangible cultural heritage protection project.

Hengshan distillers yeast cake making techniques are mainly popular in Hengshan County, around the town of Kaiyun, which was founded in the Qing Dynasty, more than 200 years ago. The cakes made with this technique is widely loved by the neighborhood and the county wine industry practitioners because of its fast fermentation and pure wine flavor.

Zheng Chunxiu started making distiller's yeast cakes in 1970. It is made through seven processes of drying medicine, grinding powder, mixing powder, modeling, fermentation and drying, which can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

According to the different herbal ingredients in each distiller's yeast, Zheng Chunxiu divided the price into six groups, but all within the range of 10 to 30 yuan. In the past, she sold the distiller's yeast through the way of the market, with the reputation getting better and better, some wine manufacturers are attracted to purchase and make wholesales, with promising prospects.

Zheng Chunxiu hopes more people will join the team of inheriting Hengshan distiller's yeast cake making skills, to retain the taste of Hengshan wine.

Translator: Jing


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