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8 enterprises of Hengyang appear together at the sixth ASEAN · Hunan (Yongzhou) Famous and Quality Production Fair
From:衡阳市政府门户网站 | Date Add in:2023-12-05 22:13:47 [A  A]

On December 1st, the sixth ASEAN · Hunan (Yongzhou) Famous and Quality Production Fair was opened in Yongzhou, and Municipal Commerce Bureau organized 8 outstanding local enterprises to take part in it.

With the theme of building a new western land and sea channel to share the future of Hunan and ASEAN, the Fair covers an exhibition area of 20,000 square meters, with six exhibition areas including Yongzhou image exhibition area, ASEAN commodity exhibition area, Hunan agriculture exhibition area, city and state image exhibition area, county and urban district exhibition area, special products sales exhibition area and one leisure culture and food exhibition area.

In this fair, Hengyang exhibited products cover Nanyue cloud tea, daylily, tea oil and other national agricultural products of geographical indications, fully demonstrating the local image and characteristics. Hengyang crisp and thin mooncake, great bowl, hand-made fish balls, glutinous rice cake and other time-honored brandproducts are displayed in turn, attracting many consumers to come to taste and enjoy. Also, many foreigners actively enjoy new products and experience authentic Hengyang flavors.

In recent years, with the increasingly close foreign economic cooperation and trade exchanges between Hengyang and ASEAN, Hengyang’s foreign economic cooperation projects have spread to the Philippines, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries, and ASEAN has become its largest trading partner. From January to October this year, Hengyang’s imports and exports to ASEAN (10 countries) were 6.23 billion yuan, an increase of 56.4%, accounting for 15.7% of the city’s total import and export value. In the face of the historical opportunity of actively building the B & R Initiative and the comprehensive implementation of the RCEP agreement, Hengyang is vigorously taking actions to expand overseas market, further strengthening economic and trade exchanges with ASEAN countries, and continuing to write more stories of open-up, mutual benefits and win-win cooperation.

Translator: Jing

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