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Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Public Security
From:衡阳党政门户网 | Date Add in:2023-07-28 11:52:53 [A  A]

Main responsibilities of Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Public Security are:

1. Executing the national security guidelines, State laws, policies, regulations; leading, inspecting and undertaking the municipal public security work.

2. Analyzing and foreseeing the situation of public peace and order, in control of factors influencing or imperiling domestic safety and public security; providing important information and making suggestions on public peace and order for the municipal Party committee, municipal government and public security organs at higher levels.

3. Instructing municipal public security organs to investigate cases endangering state security, criminal cases and cases disturbing social order; administering and maintaining social peace and order according to law; organizing and coordinating investigation and dealing with serious cases and incidents.

4. Organizing, directing and supervising municipal public security organs at all levels, punishing behaviors which jeopardize social public order; managing the work of public security for guns and ammunition, dangerous explosives, special industry and public places; ,administering the exit and entry affairs, household registration, resident ID cards and the nationality; supervising foreigners, and HK, Macao and Taiwan compatriots` stay, travel in Hengyang; organizing, conducting and coordinating foreign cases’ investigation and punishment.

5. Managing road and traffic safety, maintaining traffic order, handling traffic accidents and administering vehicles and drivers; being responsible for streets` patrolling to defend and deter criminal.

6. Administering and supervising the work of fire fighting and fire control efforts in accordance with the law.

7. Supervising and instructing the security work of government agencies, institutions, social groups, enterprises and important construction projects and security work in the mass organs.

8. Inspecting the security of information network of public security according to law; cracking down on network transgression.

9. Instructing and supervising municipal public security departments` work of crucifixion; overseeing and inspecting criminals who are on probation or parole according to the law; administering places directly for personal freedom restriction, including the first and second municipal jails, detention houses and drug-relief reformatories and penitentiaries.

10. In charge of examination and approval for reeducation and indoctrination through labor according to law; undertaking daily work of government`s Managerial Committee of Reeducation through Labor.

11. Safeguarding Party leaders, State leaders and important foreign guests coming to Hengyang; safeguarding principal provincial and municipal leaders and well-know personage; providing security service to great events which are held in Hengyang.

12. Organizing, directing and supervising drug control and narcotics enforcement, undertaking the daily work of municipal Anti-drug Committee Office.

13. Organizing scientific research in public security; programming and developing public security technology, including the construction of information technology, criminal investigative techniques, anti-crime technology, and quick reaction technology.

14. Being responsible for planning, reporting, allocating and managing the public security equipment and uniforms of municipal bureau of public security departments; reporting for plans of operational funds and appropriation distribution; declaring, distributing and administering, as well as supervising the funds and outlays of directly under units.

15. Managing, leading and commanding the police force and the People`s Armed Police in public security operations.

16. Being responsible for the uniform administering of the municipal people`s police staff; taking charge of rewarding, punishment and consoling, as well as publicizing public security and the Police Officer Training Center; administering the personnel affairs of public security cadres within the limits of authority; organizing educational programs and trainings for police officers and raise public awareness of security.

17. Managing and leading the whole municipal public security departments` inspecting work; implementing supervision on cadres following its jurisdiction; instructing and supervising local public security organs to deal with acts of endangering social order.

18. The Municipal Forestry Bureau has been brought into police bureau`s serial, under dual lead by municipal Forestry Bureau and Public Security Bureau with its practical work mainly led by the latter; guiding the work of municipal forestry public security.

19. Undertaking other tasks assigned by municipal Party Committee, municipal government and public security organs at higher levels.

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