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Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection
From:衡阳党政门户网 | Date Add in:2023-07-28 11:55:07 [A  A]

Name: Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection
Address: 20th West Changshen Road Zhengxiang District Hengyang
Post Code: 421001
Telephone: 0734-2892828
Fax: 0734-2892800
Email: hyshbj2892828@126.com
Web: http://www.hyshbj.gov.cn/

Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection is established as an institution directly under the municipal government, with its main functions, internal structure and personnel management in accordance with the “Notice of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing ‘Plan on Reform of Organs of Hengyang Municipal People’s Government’” (Heng Wei[2010] No. 4).

Main Responsibilities:

I. To implement the national guidelines, policies, laws, rules and regulations on environmental protection; to draft rules, regulations, and technological policies concerning provincial environmental protection, and supervise their implementation; to be authorized by the provincial government to implement Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) concerning high level economic policy and technical aspects, development layout and important economic development plans; to draft the development strategy for environmental protection; to organize the formulation and supervision of the implementation of  pollution prevention and ecological protection plans in key areas, drainage areas and regions designated by the municipal government; to organize the compilation of the environmental function zoning in this Province.

II. To draft and organize the implementation of pollution prevention laws, regulations and administrative measures concerning air, water, soil, noise, solid waste, toxic chemicals and motor vehicles; to formulate plans for the total discharge quantity of pollutants; to undertake the issue of licenses for importing and exporting waste used as raw materials; and to participate in the registration and management of toxic chemicals` import and export.

III. To supervise the exploitation and utilization activities of  natural resources which have an impact on the ecological environment, important ecological environmental construction and rehabilitation work of ecological destruction; to supervise and examine  environmental protection work in the natural reserves, famous scenic spots, forest parks; to supervise and examine biological diversity protection, wild animal and plant protection and wetland environmental protection work; to undertake the declaration of new national natural reserves in this city, and to be responsible for putting forward proposals on the ratification of the new municipal natural reserves to the municipal government and keep these on record; to supervise and administer the natural reserves at municipal level.

IV. To guide and coordinate the solving of major environmental problems in this city; to investigate and handle  major environmental pollution accidents and ecological destruction accidents; to coordinate  inter-regional environmental pollution disputes; to organize and coordinate pollution prevention in key areas, drainage areas and regions in this city; to be responsible for environmental supervision and administrative inspection of environmental protection; to organize the implementation of law enforcement inspection of environmental protection in the city.

V. To supervise the implementation of  national standards of environmental quality and pollutant discharge; to formulate municipal standards of environmental quality and pollutant discharge, and release them in procedures stipulated by the state; to examine the items concerning environmental protection in the master city plan; to organize and compile quality reports on municipal environment and release the environmental status bulletin; to participate in the compilation of the municipal sustainable development schema.

VI. To draft and organize the implementation of various environmental management systems; to examine and approve the environmental impact reports of municipal development construction projects according to the country`s regulations; to direct environmental integrated renovation in urban and rural areas, and to be responsible for the environmental integrated control and quantitative examination of key cities ; to supervise and administer ecological environmental protection in rural areas, and to guide the construction of ecological demonstration areas and ecological agriculture.

VII. To organize  demonstration projects of science and technology development, scientific research and technology on environmental protection; to administer the environmental management system certification and environmental symbol certification in this Province; to build and organize the implementation of environmental protection aptitude ratification system; to guide and promote the development of the environmental protection industry.

VIII. To be responsible for environmental monitoring, statistics and information; to formulate the local environmental monitoring systems and regulations; to organize the establishment and management of the provincial environmental monitoring network and environmental information network; to organize  quality monitoring of the provincial environment and supervisory monitoring of pollution sources.

IX. To implement the national fundamental principles concerning global environmental protection; to be responsible for cooperation and communication on environmental protection; to organize and coordinate the implementation of the environmental protection convention in this Province; to manage  international economic cooperation within the environmental protection system; to coordinate the projects using foreign investment related to  convention implementation; to be responsible for foreign-related environmental protection affairs as authorized by the provincial government.

X. To be responsible for the administration of  environmental radiation, radioactive waste throughout the city; to participate in the emergency treatment of nuclear accidents and environmental radiation; to conduct holistic supervision and management of pollution caused by electromagnetic radiation, nuclear technology application and exploitation of radioactive mineral resources; to implement the safety supervision of nuclear material regulation.

XI. To organize, direct and coordinate  environmental protection education and propaganda; to promote the public and nongovernmental organizations` participation in environmental protection.

XII. To take charge of institutional frameworks and personnel management in this bureau and its direct subordinate units; in the light of the spirit of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee`s document [1999] 35, to assist the local Chinese Communist Party Committee on the management of the leading cadres of cities` environmental protection departments; to guide the title assessment for specialist technology in provincial environmental protection systems; to lay out and guide the educational training and cultural and ethical construction of in-service personnel in municipal environmental protection systems.

XIII. To undertake other tasks assigned by the Municipal Party Committee and People`s Government.


General Office
Division of Environmental Influence Evaluation
Division of Pollution Protection
Division of Overall Control
Division of Natural and Ecological Protection
Division of Nuclear and Radiation Administration
Division of Monitoring Science
Division of Legal Propaganda
Division of Accountancy Planning
Division of Personnel


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