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Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Coal Industry
From:衡阳党政门户网 | Date Add in:2023-07-28 11:56:45 [A  A]

Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Coal Industry is established as an institution directly under the municipal government, with its main functions, internal structure and personnel management in accordance with the "Suggestions of State Department about the Complementation of Coal Mine Safety Monitoring System (Guo Ban Fa[2004] No. 79), Suggestions of Hunan Provincial Government about Further Complementation of Coal Mine Safety Monitoring System (Xiang Ban Fa[2005] NO.4) and Suggestions of Hengyang Municipal Government about the Complementation of Coal Mine Safety Monitoring System (Meeting summary of the Municipal Government[2005] NO. 13 )".
Main Responsibilities:

1.To investigate and formulate development strategies and mid-term and long-term plans for Hengyang`s coal industry according to relevant state guidelines, policies, laws and regulations; to investigate, draft and implement the industrial policies on developing Hengyang` s coal industry and the industrial management standards, regulations and relevant technical specifications; to investigate and provide suggestions for the rational exploitation of Hengyang` s coal resources, organize and direct their implementation.
2.To implement state guidelines, policies and laws, rules and regulations, and stipulations concerning the safe production of coal mines; to supervise and direct, coordinate and serve the safe production of coal enterprises.

3.To undertake the initial review of infrastructure and technical reform projects beyond the designated quota in coal enterprises and institutions, and provide suggestions for the project establishment; to be responsible for the design review, project construction management and quality supervision.

4.To supervise and inspect the value maintenance and appreciation of the state assets in the coal enterprises within the jurisdiction of Hengyang; to manage the state assets of the municipal coal enterprises and institutions.
5.to guide the efforts of the state-owned coal enterprises within Hengyang` s jurisdiction in turning losses into gains; to manage and allocate state financial subsidies to coal enterprises; to examine the final accounts of the immediately subordinate coal enterprises and institutions.To coordinate the coal production, manage coal reserves, examine and approve the abandonment, opening and closing of coal mines; to maintain the competition order of the industry, rectify and standardize in accordance with law the coal production and business order, examine and approve the opening of enterprises in the coal production and dealing businesses, and issue licences for coal production and dealing, as well as the certificates for qualified coalmine managers; to standardize and regulate the coal market, coordinate the implementation of transport and sales plans, and manage the railway transportation of coal, distribution and balance of the coal for power generation purposes.

6.To study, draft and organize the implementation of schemes, policies and measures for restructuring Hengyang`s coal industry, promote the structural adjustment of the coal industry, and guide the rationalization of the industrial layout; to guide the reform, reorganization and reinstitution of the state-owned and state-holding coal enterprises and institutions; to establish the modern enterprise system, and improve the corporate governance structure; to encourage enterprise mergers and bankruptcy, transforming production and re-distributing workers in the coal industry, and launch the job re-placement programme.

7.To direct and administer the payroll management system, the gross payroll, and the review and approval of retirement applications in the coal enterprises and institutions immediately subordinate to the Bureau, as well as affairs concerning the provincial old-age pension plan and the assessment of the employers` technical skills in its immediately subordinate agencies.

8.To provide follow-up services with respect to the municipal coal development funds; to direct and supervise the withdrawal from, utilization and management of the funds for keeping simple re-production in Hengyang`s township coalmines; to handle the daily routines of the Management Office of the funds, and make plans providing suggestions on the disposal of residual funds.

9.To organize foreign economic and technical cooperation and exchanges in Huengyang` s coal industry, expand the import and export trade of Hengyang` s coal industry, and open wider to outside world.

10.To acquire and analyze the state of art of coal production and safety control; to collect, analyze and publish information concerning the coal economy and market situation within and out of Hengyang, and provide information services; to handle statistical affairs in the coal industry.
11.To administer the staff workers of the Bureau, the leadership and senior officials of the coal enterprises and institutions immediately subordinate to the Bureau; to administer retired employees of the Bureau; to organize and direct the vocational qualification training for managers of all kinds of mines and special workers, issue certificates for qualified mine managers and special operations.

12.To undertake other assignments entrusted by the Provincial Party Committee and People`s Government.


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Division of Industry Management

Division of Protection Supervision

Division of Laws and Regulations Training

Division of Trade Supervision and Management


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