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Corrected Version of Hengyang General Planning Passed Experts Investigation
From: | Date Add in:2016-11-03 15:57:00 [A  A]
On July 12th morning, the Provincial Housing and Rural Area Construction Bureau held an investigation conference, discussing and investigating the Corrected Version of Hengyang General Planning 2006-2020. Experts who presented the meeting generally agreed the corrected version. Zhu Yuping, the member of the standing cpmmittee of the municipal CPC committee and deputy mayor, presented the meeting.

Hengyang Municipal Rural Area Construction Bureau had worked out the general planning of Hengyang, and proposed to build a new Hengyang which was good for living and working. The general planning has kept the total administrative building area (516.1 square kilometers)of the general planning made in 2006 and has included a plan that the administrative division of Hengyang in 2030 would be corrected and changed to expand the developing area of Hengyang.

As to the scale of the city development of Hengyang, on a long run the urban construction land would expand on the following directions: east, west and south. The central city administrative land used for public service would be distributed along Jiefang Road and the road along Xiangjiang River, which formed a cross in the city. the living land would expand surrounding this cross. Industrial land and logistic land would be located in the city edge. The forestation areas would be linked both inside and outside the city. the tourism service would be based on the rich historic resource in Hengyang. All the factors mentioned above would for a harmonious city spatial arrangement.

It is said that Hengyang would hand the general planning to Hunan Provincial Government and then to the National Council of China. 


Translated by Huang Mei. 

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