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Hengyang Municipal Development and Reform Commission Held the Mid-term Twelfth Five-year Plan Evaluation Conference
From: | Date Add in:2016-11-03 15:55:00 [A  A]
Recently, according to the arrangement of Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Hengyang Municipal People’s Congress and Hengyang Municipal Government, Hengyang Municipal Development and Reform Commission held the mid-term Twelfth Fiver-plan evaluation conference. The conference was to arrange the evaluation work of the Twelfth Five-year Plan of Hengyang. The member of the CPC committee and professional economist Zou Shunchu, and the associate consultant Luo Yujun have presented the meeting.

Luo Yujun said at the conference that the purpose and significance of the mid-term evaluation of the Twelfth Five-year Plan of Hnegyang should be fully realized and stressed, and good performance of the mid-term evaluation would be the practical need for the smooth completion of the Twelfth Five-year Plan and be the preliminary work for the Thirteenth Five-year Plan of Hnegyang. And the evaluation method and science should be innovated to achieve new breakthrough in evaluation result. The protective work of the evaluation should be strengthened, in which the leading team and the leading role of the team should be completed and stressed. The evaluation work should be planned very detailed to guarantee a successful end of the valuation.

Zou Shunchu stressed in the commentary remark of the conference that all the units directly under the administration of Hengyang Municipal Government and the government of  every county should study the developing situation after the Twelfth Five-year Plan launched. All the units should objectively evaluate the result of the plan and the completion of the policies according to the requirements of the evaluation work. The key research topic and present and future developing situation should be carefully studied and judged. The policies and suggestions should be practically put forward to successfully carry out the plan and realize each objectives of the plan.

It was said that, the deadline of the statistics collection of the evaluation work would be June 30th 2013 and the evaluation work would be finished before July 15th 2013. The Municipal Agriculture Bureau, Municipal Society Council, Municipal Education Bureau and other 25 related units directly under the administration of the municipal government and the county government have also presented the meeting.


Translated by Huang Mei. 

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