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Resolution on the Completion Situation of the National Economy and Social Development in 2012 and the Plan for 2013 in Hengyang
From: | Date Add in:2016-11-03 15:54:00 [A  A]
The Report of the Completion Situation of the National Economy and Social Development in 2012 and the Plan for 2013 worked by Kang Qiang, the chief of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, who was commanded by the municipal government of Hengyang. The budget investigation and evaluation committee of the meeting has carefully studied and discussed the report and handed in the investigation and evaluation report.

The meeting found out that Hengyang has greatly stressed the projects construction and make special efforts to build the pillar industries to improve people’s living under such a grave environment for economic development. Hengyang has kept building a four-type-and-two-faced society and the economy in Hengyang has kep a steady momentum and even has grew a little, better realizing the objectives of all plans. The plan of national economy and social development made for 2013 has taken the macro economic developing trend and the detailed requirements of building a better-off society into full consideration, which is a sound and safe plan. The meeting discussed and passed this investigation report and the preliminary plan for 2013.

The meeting required that the national economic developing and social development objectives should be tightly surrounded and carried out, the project construction should be further stressed, the domestic consumptive needs should be further inspired, and the economic structure should be further modified and reformed. The construction of the two-typed society ad reformation should be stressed. The improvement of people’s living should be further strived for to promote the steady and fast development of the entire economy and society of Hengyang.    


Translated by Huang Mei.

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