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Civil Administration of Hunan Twelfth Five-year Plan Be Publicized
From: | Date Add in:2016-11-03 15:53:00 [A  A]
At the 17th Hunan Civil Administration Conference, Civil Administration Plan  of Hunan Provincial Twelfth Five-year Plan has been publicized, in which the working objectives and emphasis have been arranged and decided. During the five years of the Twelfth Five Year Plan, there are 12 significant civil projects in Hunan province. By 2015, Hunan would generally complete the construction of a management system of social service and particular projects, which would cover the entire Hunan province with completed and sound regulations and completed equipments and sound functions. The system would also have a sound structure and distribution and be on a proper level. 

According to the plan, the rate of allowance given to the poor people in city should reach more than 35% of the per capita consumption expenditure of te local people; the refugee of disasters should be timely saved and arranged and the disaster relief supplies should be transported to the disaster hit area with 12 hours; a proper preferential benefit system should be kept being completed; new social charity houses for orphans and rest houses for senior citizens and model service center for senior citizens and rescuing and protection center for minors should be constructed to build a society where all senior people could find shelters and allowance; the service that push medical one-stop service to a broader range to realize the objective that the subjects of the salvage would be more than half of all the patients in city and countryside.

Key civil Projects would be constructed during the five years of the Twelfth Five-year Plan:

Key Word NO. 1  Charity House
100 charity houses would be newly built and rebuilt in cities and counties, where 0more than 10000 beds would be added. Among these charity houses, 5 new would be built in cities where 2000 beds would be included; 50 charity houses would be newly built in counties where 6000 beds would be included; 5 charity houses in cities would be rebuilt where 500 beds would be added; 4o charity houses in counties would be rebuilt and expanded where 1500 beds would be added.

Key Word NO. 2  Rest houses for senior people
1000 rest houses would be newly built, rebuilt and expanded, among which 600 rest houses would be rebuilt and expanded, 280 rest houses would be newly built in counties and 120 central rest houses would be built in counties.

Key Word NO.3  Community Construction
400 communities without offices would be financially supported annually to build comprehensive management platform and to basically solve the construction of the community management platform. 200 communities in both cities and counties and 200 countryside central communities in countryside would be supported to construct model communities.

Key Word NO. 4  Senior People Supporting 
20 national model public senior people supporting organizations would be newly built; 20 civil senior people supporting organizations would be built; 3000 model provincial senior people supporting service organizations would be financially supported where 20000 beds would be added.

Key Word NO. 5  Disaster Relief and Reduction
On the basis of the basic completion of the Changsha National Disaster Relief Supplies Warehouse, 14 disaster relief supplies warehouses would be built in the secondary cities and counties, which would be not smaller than 3000 square meters.

Key Word NO. 6  Funeral Parlor
49 funeral parlors would be built in the cities and counties where population is dense, traffic is smooth, economy develops well, funeral works are much and the funeral equipment is poor. 


Translated by Huang Mei.

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