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Ecological Development Plan of Hengyang in Twelfth Five-year Plan Publicized
From: | Date Add in:2016-11-03 15:48:00 [A  A]

By 2015, the forestation covering land would reach 6826 thousand mou. The forest covering rate would reach 43%.

The ecological development plan of Hengyang in Twelfth Five-year Plan has been publicized. More than 30 professional experts and related delegates have studied and discussed the ecological development plan on the planning review hearing meeting.

According to the objectives of the plan, by 2015, the forestation covering land would reach 6826 thousand mou increasing by 12.08%. The forest covering rate would reach 43% increasing by 3.2%, and the total value of the forest would reach 20 billion, increasing by 226.3%. to realize this objective, the forestation construction in Hengyang would stick to the following principles: comprehensive planning from a general perspective; properly area distributed and combining the city and the countryside and policies should be made and the management should be carried out according to the regional divergence with separate steps; ecology should be put in priority and forestation should be fully developed; forestation protection and development should be of equal importance and the relationship between protection and development should be properly handled; the leading role of the municipal government should be kept under the guidance of the market and the entire society should be inspired to participate in the forestation construction; the reform and innovation should be the key of future work; the forestation should be scientifically promoted and should be administrated under legal system to strengthen the cultivation and protection of the resources.

It is introduced that the total investment into the forestation construction would be more than 19.5 billion, in which about 69.2% would be ecological construction.

Detailed suggestions have been given by experts and the delegates to the ecological plan.  


Translated by Huang Mei.

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