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The Traveling Planning Work in the Tashan Village in Changning City Has Been Carried Out in Full Swing
From: | Date Add in:2016-11-03 15:46:00 [A  A]

  To implement the principles in the poverty relief work in the Tashan Village in Changning City, guided by Li Yilong, the Hengyang municipal party secretary, in September 3rd,the tourist departments in Hengynag and Changning City have been taken quick actions to start the whole planning work for tourist development in the Mountain Tower Village.

  From September 26th to 27th ,at the invitation of the tourist bureau in Hengyang City and accompanied by the relevant officials in the Tashan Village,the expert group of 7 people from the Harmonious Scenery Planning Institute in Changsha have been started the research work of the first phase,which has made a full preparation and laid a solid foundation for the following planning work.

  The deputy mayor who is in charge of the tourist development in the municipal government Zhou Lihua has communicated with the expert group and has made a requirement that the design must be started with a high-leveled standard. The special eco-tourist planning that suits the local customs in Tashan Village and aimed at the environment protection must be drawn up carefully.The distinctive Yao ethnic group features on the mountains, water, stockades, tea and local culture should be paid great attention to surrounded the theme that a special Yao Village should be created.Therefore,the production on the tea should be increased and the outdoor adventurous traveling in the eastern river valley should be exploited and the drafting in the western river should be more attractive.The Paradise Mountain should be developed into a China Mountanious Heaven for Holidays.Meanwhile,we should take the 30th anniversary as a  golden opportunity to advertise for the Mountain so as to make it the apple of the public’s eye.

  The community leaders who are young ,tough,self-disciplined and energetic and able to provide good services play a crucial role in breaking a new ground. Therefore,in 2014,the officials in the second harmony community in Zhengxiang District set a goal that they will serve as the bellwether of the community,the walking encyclopedia of the people’s living,the quilted jacket of the residents and act as the harmonious voltage regulator and the bridgehead of the Party Construction. 

  First,the community cadres should be the  bellwether of the community,and make great efforts in the demonstration.

  Since the second harmonious community belongs to the residential estate and the services are all provided by the property management company.It is vital important to maintain a good relationships between the community and the property company.In particular,the 2nd harmonious community has created the credits’ community through the pilot work in two districts at the end of 2013.In 2014,the other districts in this community all construct the property owners committee that mainly balance the relations among the owner communities,properties and communities .thus the community must serve as the bellwether and demonstrate,guide the balanced operation of all districts.Only in this way,the residents’ benefits could be guaranteed and the property companies’ services  could be supervised.

  Second,the community cadres should serve as the walking encyclopedia of the people’s living,and endeavor to get to know much more information.

  This year,the grid management model in the community cadres has been operated successfully.In 2014,the community cadres need to have a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge about the conditions in the grid and act as the walking encyclopedia in the aspect of the local sensibilities,so that the grid management could enjoy popular support.For one thing,the policy in some key issues should be known well and the mass people’s confusions should be answered accurately and the problem should be solved  carefully. For another,the conditions in every household should be grasped and the possible problems and contradictions in the grid should be understood well.

  Third,the community cadres should be the “quilted jacket”for the residents,and try to enhance the service .

  With the purpose of improving happiness quotient of the residents,the officials in the community should serve as the “quilted jacket”of the residents.There are much constructive work to do in order to change it into an upscale community.In 2014,the community will constantly develop various sports and cultural activities in terns of the science, education, recreation, law, and the equipment and the infrastructure will be perfected so that the advanced community could be created and  the mass residents’ pursuit in  the high quality life and the health could be fulfilled.

  Fourth,the community cadres should be the“voltage regulators” of a harmonious society,and make efforts in maintaining the harmony.

  As the frontier in maintaining the harmony and stability and solve the contradictions as well as the confronts, community is vitally important to serve as the ‘voltage regulator”. Active actions should be made.All kinds of relations and benefits should be balanced and potential risk should be found and solved as early as possible.So far,16 thorny problems have been solved,which has laid a solid foundation for the community to do good turns and solve practical problems for the people.

  Fifth,the community cadres should be the bridgehead of the party construction and take pains in laying a solid foundation.

  In 2014,reality of the community,the party branches have taken active actions to build the digital party branches,that is to open the online party branch and construct the QQ group of the party branch so that we can communicate  and have the party classes,spread the party document principles and enhance the core status of the party organization online.

  Finally,it is also the key issue in the community work next year that we should motivate the property companies,developers,Xiangjiang Huating kindergartens and primary schools to participate and support the community work.We should be good at learning from others and create a new situation in the community work in 2014.


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