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Hengyang City’s Forest Resource Research Findings in the 12th Five-year Plan Have Been passed by the Provincial Assessment
From: | Date Add in:2016-11-03 15:45:00 [A  A]

  Recently,Hengyang City’s forest resource research findings in the 12th  Five-year Plan have been passed by the provincial assessment.The research measures are scientific and advanced,technology-concentrated and reliable and accurate in statistics.Thus the research findings basically meet the requirements.

  In recent years,the forest areas ,the forest coverage and the storage of the forest have been increased and the forest resources management and the forest ecological construction has made significant achievement in the forest construction by means of artificial forestation, forest cultivation, the reforestation of marginal arable land, forest greening and urban and rural afforestation. The research findings show that there are 11.8558 million mu of forest land in the whole city and the green coverage has reached 45.91% and the storage of the live trees has reached 15.3037 million cubic meters. Compared with the 10th five-year plan, they have been increased 0.4457 million mu, 2.09 percentage and 3.3314 million cubic meters.   

  The second type of the forest resources research results of the Municipal Forestry Administration and the achievements made by all counties and cities have been debriefed by the review committee and the achievement document and the summarized data has been checked by them. It is believed by the expert that the research in the forestry planing and designing is the basic work in the construction of the three kinds of systems,that is the forestry ecology, estate and culture. The research this time has grasped the conditions in the total amount of the forest resources, construction and coverage and explained the dynamic change trend in the whole city’s forest resources, which have provided the scientific basis for the further improvement in the dynamic controlling, guiding and regulated management of the forest resources and the development of the 13th five-year plan in the forest  ecologic development and the limitation of the forest logging. In principle, the second kind of forest research findings of the 5 counties, 2 cities and 5 districts in Hengyang have been approved by the province.

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