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Hengyang Held Economy Meeting to Summarize 2014 and Plan for 2015
From: | Date Add in:2016-11-03 15:43:00 [A  A]

   Confronting the severe condition resulted from macro-economic downturn, destroyed election for the Hengyang Municipal People’s Congress, industrial structure being renewed and the inflated factors left by history being cleaned up, the masses have been led to innovate and overcome all the problems by Municipal Party committee. Then the new situation of an economic society has been initiated.

  The highlights of Hengyang economy in 2014.

  The ranks among all the cities in Hunan Province

  The total income of finance is up to 19.9 billion, increased by 13%, and the speed of increase ranks the first among all the cities in the whole province. It can be expected that the overall strength can be still in the first phalanx. The total export-import volume has been up to 2.56 billion dollars, increased by 65.7%, and the speed of increase ranks the 4th among all the cities in this province. The new 15 leading enterprises of agriculture industrialization on provincial level are added,which takes the first place among the province. Safety production is gradually improved and takes the first place in the annual assessment among all the cities. Hengyang is also the first city that actual budget inspection in every department has been organized in Hunan Province.

  The Quality of the Industrial Structure 

  The overall situation of the industrial structure is rising: the added value of industrial scale is predicted to increased by 9.5%. The added value of emerging industry occupies about 31.4% of that of the scaled industry. The proportion of high technology industry’s total value in the scaled industry increased by 6.1%. The growth of service is predicted to increase 12.9% and the rate of contribution of the economy is increased by 50.2%. The deposits and loans in finance organizations are 239.2,122.2 billion. They are respectively increased by 15%, 22.7%.

  The parts that decreased: the energy consumption of specific added value is decreased by 9% and that of GDP is decreased by 4%.

  The Potential Development

  445 key projects are carried out and 82 billion has been invested. They are respectively added by 32% and 25.4%. Both the number of project and the investment scale have reached the historical new high.

  The Development of a Three-dimensional Transportation System

  Nanyue airport and Heng Chaji railway have been smoothly opened. The navigation-power junction in Tu Gutang is completed. Some transportation projects, such as the construction of railway going through Huaihua, Shaoyang, Hengyang, the express between Hengyang and Loudi and Nanyue east extension, are carrying on very well. Over 30 trunk roads, including Chuanshan east road, the second ring road, the express of west Hengyang and Hengyun are sped up.

   Dilatation and upgradin

  The Laiyan city and Binjiang area are getting improved. The construction,Nanhu park, is completed and faced with the public. The scenic belt in Zhengshui, the embankments of Leishui and the Xingfu river,such building programmes are speedily modified. The planning on Dongzhou island and Linghu park is completed. The six main lines, including Hengzhou,chuanshan,Canlun,Zhengxiang,Xiangjiang road,and other main road which are more than 30 in total are getting highly improved.

  The quality of the newly-broadened urban area has been smoothly increased.

  The construction of Laiyan New District and Binjiang New District have been smoothly carried on. The first phase of the construction of Nanhu Park has been completed and opened to the public. The construction of the View Belts on South and North Bank of Zhengshui River have been sped up.the overall plan of the construction of Dongzhou Island and Linhu Park have been completed. The green belt and sidewalk of main six roads in the city including Hengzhou Road, Chuanshan Road, Cailun Road, Zhengxiang Road, Zhengyang Road and East Xiangjiang Road have been carrying on on a high-scaled level.

   The Living Environment

   111 heavy metal companies are closed and 47 projects to curb environmental pollution have been completed. The project of building a fantastic countryside has got official approval. The forest coverage rate is up to 45.9%.

  Reform has Been Deepened

  The process of administrative examination and approval is simplified from 373 procedures to 147. The reform of business registration system is carried out steadily. The way to register capital is changed from paying in system to subscription system. The new registered company and registered capital are increased by 70.8% and 115.7%. The reform on state-owned business is achieved completely. The project on reforming civil business is established. The development of registering rural contractual right of land is smoothly. The service on issues of agriculture farmer and rural area is ranked the first in Hunan.

  Investment Invitation

  More than 110 crucial projects are butt joint. 14 corporations that ranked the first 500 in the world are coming here to investigate and negotiate. 72 major projects are signed and 18 major industries which need transferred are taken. 10 companies are registered and entered to the Comprehensive Free Trade Zone. More than 20 high technology projects are stationed in science city in Hengshan.

  Citizens’ living and Well-being

  The Livelihood Expenditure took 61% from the total finance and 16 projects served to the public are completed totally.

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