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Hengyang Municipal Civil affairs Bureau Held Working Meeting to Work out of 13th Five-year Plan
From: | Date Add in:2016-11-03 15:41:00 [A  A]

  On the morning of January 22th, civil affairs bureau convene 13th five meeting to develop the formation of civil administration and establish a civil affairs planning group which is under the charge of Xiao Jishun,a secretary of the party committee and the director general. The meeting is held by Jin Shanshan,the deputy director general of civil affairs bureau and the leader of the team organized for the workout of the 13th Five-year plan of the civil affair of Hengyang Municipality. 

  In the meeting, Li Kuiyuan, the chief of Finance Section, make a demonstration of work done in the previous period for the workout of the 13th five-year plan of the civil affairs and refine the work to be done in the next step by every section. The working schedule of the plan is arranged and the requirements of planning formation are proposed. Jin states 3 requirements to develop the formation: the first is extraordinary organization. Civil affairs planning is the basis of reform and innovation and science development. The planning is also the basis of developing the civil affairs and accelerating the transition of civil construction. Each related section should lay the high emphasis on it and regard the development of civil affairs planning as our own responsibilities. To be serious so that the planning can be achieved reasonable and firm. The second is to be an unit. The condition to develop the civil affairs should be analyzed. We should positively confront all the problems and difficulties positively and each section should search the way to develop the civil affairs so that the planning can be the direction of our civil affairs development. The last is to have clear mission. The scheme to develop the civil affair planning is released, so each section should be serious and follow the timetable on the scheme. Then do a rigorous arrangement on our planning so that we could ensure that all the designs are beneficial to civil affairs and people’s livelihood.

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