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Explanations of Economic Work Meeting of Municipal Party Committee: Paying Attention to Innovation, Restructuring and Steady Growth
From: | Date Add in:2016-11-03 15:31:00 [A  A]
    Innovation is the only way out in the course of development and economic restructuring should be accelerated under new normal condition. Economic working meeting of Hengyang municipal Party committee indicates that adjustment of industrial structure is an inevitable option to adapt to the new normal condition. We’ll be able to seize more opportunities if we make the adjustment get started. Efficiency is the core while innovation the key point of restructuring.

    Industry is the lifeblood of Hengyang’s economy and the pillar of development. Being a white hope, it has played a vital role in the economic construction of South Hunan. It’s also an essential and dominant element to accelerate the advancement of economy and society.

 As a result of economic slowdown and the removal of inflated growth in the past, industrial growth of Hengyang has fallen sharply since May over the last year. Confronted with the severe situation, municipal Party committee and government have made joint efforts which has achieved a stable economic rebound. For instance, a scheduling meeting of industrial and economic operation was held; series of policies and measures were unveiled to stabilize industrial growth; the connection between banks and enterprises was promoted to help enterprises with the difficulties of financing, employment and sale. The added value of scale industry increased by 8.9 % in September, and an annual increase of 9.5% expectedly.

    At the beginning of a new year, Hengyang has met its new start for development.

 The policy of accelerating new industrialization, municipal Party committee indicates in the meeting that, we should highlight structure adjustment; vigorously develop strategic emerging industry such as the manufacture of advanced equipment, electronic information, biological medicine, new energy and materials; fully support the growing of enterprises such as Foxconn, Omron, Minmetal, TBEA, Nanyue Electronic Control, Hansen Pharmacy, and Gongchuang Photovoltaic; further transform traditional industries, machinery, coal, smelting, chemical engineering, food, spinning, etc. to high-end, low-carbon and intelligent industries; inject new vitality to industries and form new point of growth.

    From the two words “new vitality” and “new growth point”, people can perceive the faith and determination of municipal Party committee to stabilize economic growth by accelerating new industrialization.

    In addition, it’s proposed that boosting service industry should be an important way to push structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading. With Hengyang being a pilot city of the comprehensive reform of national service industry, we should take policy advantages to turn it into a regional modern service center by upgrading traditional service industry and expediting modern service industry.

    The construction of key commercial logistics projects in Hengyang has facilitated the advancement of logistics industry and also rooted the ideas, fostering big markets, boosting big business and enlivening big distribution since last year. Such as Huayao Town, Wanda Commercial Plaza, City New Field, Liancafu Department Store, Baishazhou Logistics Park, Hengyuan Logistics and so on. Next, the construction of specialized market, automobile accessory, electromechanics, steel products, building materials and agricultural products, will be fully pushed to make modern service industry the engine of Hengyang’s development.

    However, as a traditional agricultural city, its course of agricultural modernization has never lagged behind. The year of 2014 has witnessed steady agricultural economic development of Hengyang. Levels of large scale, industrialization, mechanization of agricultural industry have been gradually improved, with the total output of grain hitting more than 3.3million tons, achieving eleven consecutive increase. Leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization at provincial level ranked the first in the province with fifteen new ones.

    New plans for agricultural development in 2015 have been made at the meeting. In accordance with the general requirements including intensive operation, integration of manufacturing and marketing, standardized production and mechanized farming, by the hand of “one distribution to five services”, we will speed up the building of new agricultural management system, adjust agricultural production structure and transform its development pattern to take the development path of modern agriculture with efficient output, product safety, resource and environment conservation.

    Specifically, it is to give food safety the top priority, strictly protect cultivated land, pay close attention to “Rice Bag” and “Vegetable Basket” projects to ensure the total grain output  maintained over 3.3 million tons, total vegetable output over 3 million tons. We’ll spare no efforts to flow over six million acres of land, add more than 200 farmer cooperatives and family farms by speeding up rural land circulation and foster new type of operators.

   Meanwhile, we’ll further put emphasis on major agriculture projects, leading enterprises and brand building, improvement in additional value of agricultural products and comparative profit. The development foundation of agriculture will be continuously enhanced such as the construction of farmland water conservancy facilities. At the same time, the quality of agricultural products from farm to table should be checked and monitored strictly to secure food safety for people. In addition, government will forge a team of high-quality professional farmers who are well-educated, skillful at technology and management through resource integration of agricultural skill training.

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