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Hunan Issues 3-year Action Plan for Optimizing Business Environment
From:湖南省政府网 | Date Add in:2022-08-01 10:48:25 [A  A]

Recently, the General Office of the People's Government of Hunan Province issued the "Three-Year Action Plan for Optimizing Business Environment in Hunan Province (2022-2024)". It outlines that more improvement will be made in the business environment of Hunan Province through three years of hard work; one or two cities may be included into the first-class ones in the evaluation of China's business environment; and such business environment brand as "Doing Business Conveniently in Hunan Province" can be fully promoted.

The "Action Plan" focuses on the two core demands of stimulating innovation vitality and maintaining fair competition and was benchmarked against 18 first-level indicators of the national business environment evaluation index system. It proposes implementing five major actions, including optimizing government affairs services, speeding up project approvals, reducing operating costs, improving the market environment, and raising the goal of protecting rights and interests.

The plan refines tasks from strengthening the standardization of business establishment, improving the level of government affairs services, optimizing tax payment services, and promoting cross-border trade facilitation, to promote the optimization of government affairs services. It proposes to deepen the reform of the approval system for construction projects, improve access to water and electricity services, and increase the efficiency of real estate registration, to speed up project approvals.

To reduce the operating costs of market entities, the plan clearly states that it would enhance corporate credit support, employment guarantees, and the implementation of policies that benefit enterprises.

In terms of improving the market environment's quality, it asks to further enhance the market supervision mechanism, optimize the government procurement environment, promote fair bidding and tendering, and carry forward inclusive innovation. On the promotion of rights and interests protection, it calls for reinforcing the safety of small and medium-sized investors, strengthening the creation, preservation and utilization of intellectual property rights, improving contract execution efficiency, and optimizing corporate bankruptcy procedures and supporting mechanisms.

The release of the action plan further demonstrates Hunan's confidence in and determination to be brought into line with the first-class level of advanced regions and to continuously optimize the business environment. Hunan government encouraged all the cities, prefecture, and departments to introduce more original and differentiated reform measures based on actual conditions. It will support Changsha in striving to become a national business environment innovation pilot city, support China (Hunan) Pilot Free Trade Zone and various functional zones to play the leading and exemplary roles, and pilot reform measures conducive to optimizing the business environment.

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