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Xidu High-tech Industrial Park in Hengyang
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  Hunan Hengyang Xidu High-tech Industrial Park was Hengyang Xidu Economic Development Zone in nature. It was established in 1992 and designated as a provincial development zone by the Hunan Provincial people's Government in 1994. In 2012, it was approved by the provincial people's government to upgrade to a new high-tech industrial park with its present name. It has been granted many honors since its establishment.
  It has superior location. It is located in the central area of the national industrial transfer demonstration zone, at the south of Heng Mountain, close to Hengyang urban area, and the overall planning area of 30 square kilometers. Transportation is very convenient. It is 18 km from Hengyang Railway Station, 15 km from Xiangjiang River Thousand-ton Wharf, 10 km from Hengyang Customs, 30 km from Nanyue Airport, 30 km from Nanyue Airport, and many roads run through the whole region, such as Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Hunan-Guilin Railway, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, Hengyang-Kunming Expressway, No. 107 National Highway, Hengyang-Shaoyang Expressway, Tan-Heng West Expressway, Hengyang-shaoyang-Huaihua Railway and S315 Provincial Road.
  There are plenty of resources. Hengyang County contains porcelain mud, iron, granite, vanadium pentoxide and more than 30 kinds of minerals, of which the reserves of kaolin, albite and potassium feldspar amount to 200 million tons. With its reserves and high grade, it ranks the highest in Asia. Porcelain clay is famous for its pure white and high aluminum content. Therefore, it is named as "Hengyang soil" by the international porcelain industry. In recent years, the exploration and exploitation of vanadium pentoxide ore has a potential capacity of 2 million tons, which is rare in China. The county has a total of 1.23 million people, including abundant labor resources of more than 300,000 migrant workers. And the current resident population of the county is close to 200000 yuan and will reach 300000 by 2020. It has enormous development potential. It has rich agricultural resources, of which the grain, cotton, oil, pigs are for the top 100 in China.
  It has supporting facilities. For more than a decade, according to the  developmental idea of "new industrial city, new urban district and industrial city", 3 billion yuan has been invested in the construction on the basis of scientific planning, closing to urban area and being included in the radiation, and the basic facilities, such as hydropower, road, gas and so on, have been improved. Many constructions , such as Qingjiang Road, Yuhua Road, Liansheng Road, Peiyuan Road, Hongshan Road, Yingqiu Avenue and other three vertical and five horizontal network construction, water supply network construction, power supply network erection and so on, have been completed successively. The infrastructure of the park has been improved day by day, and the carrying capacity has been continuously improved.   
  It benefits from preferential policies. In the district, it adopts "closed management, standardized operation" and "one-stop service, one-stop examination and approval, a single department handling complaints" mode of operation. The administrative committee also sets up offices, constructs the Environmental Protection Bureau, the branch of land and resources, the investment and economic and Trade Bureau, the Finance Bureau, the social work department, the development service center, the public security police station and so on, providing customers with high-quality services.
  It form the industrial agglomeration. Up to now, with more than 100 projects setting up in the region and contract utilization funds of 11.6 billion, the effect of industrial agglomeration is more and more obvious. And three leading industries have been formed in the region. The first is the intelligent equipment industry cluster, represented by Heng Tai CNC Machine tool, Xindeli High-Speed Rail Anchorage, and Yucheng Sheng Rubber and Plastics Machinery, and the Bio-pharmaceutical Industry Cluster, represented by Heng Sheng Pharmaceutical, Feiyida Chinese Herbal Slices, and the Electronic and Information Industry Cluster, represented by Weitai Electronics, Rong’er Power Transmission and Transformation Power. And the second is the city-type Industrial Cluster, an auxiliary industry, represented by Deyang Shoes, Henglifeng Ceramics,Tiantianjian Comb, Jiaoshan Rice Industry and Athena Stone Industry. And the third is the Electronic Commerce Logistics Cluster, a supporting industry, represented by VIPSHOP and new cooperative logistics.

  During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Xidu High-tech Zone will continue to implement the "New Industrial City, Urban New Zone, Industrial City Integration" Development Strategy and vigorously implement the "135" Project to strive to introduce 100 new industrial projects into the park, and complete the total industrial output value of 50 billion yuan, industrial tax revenue of more than 1.5 billion yuan by 2020, realizing the good and fast development of the park.

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