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World-Class Cultural Tourism Vacation Benchmark Establishing In Southern Hengyang
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  Chejiang district in Hengnan county, located in suburb of the city, is the best choice for Hengyang people to get away from chaos and noises and close to nature and experience the pastoral life.The famous attraction named Shiniu Peak is renowned for its beautiful peaks, lush vegetation, verdant trees, and evergreen forest in four seasons. Apart from these features, it abounds in pine trees, cedar, Nan Bamboo. The reservoir of Shuikou pavilion is dotted with these scenes. Every season has its own features. As for some natural and cultural attractions such as Ancestral Temple for Emperor Yan Shennong, Goddess Temple, Emperor Wu of West-Han Dynasty and Shangen Academy are scattered different places. Thus, they have become the sightseeing resources endowed with the nature for tourists to relax themselves and enjoy the impressive sights.
  Nonetheless, it is not sufficient to merely depend on natural resources.
  On August 10th, Hengyang Dream East Traveling Resort Project earned an investment amounting to about 10 billion yuan ( "Dream East Project " is the abbreviation of the above project). The construction of the project starting here not only advanced the economic growth of Chejiangpian Area, but also in the hope of " the whole world getting a chance to enjoy the beauty of the Oriental" and conforming to the philosophy" creation of globalization", thereby the initiation of "Dream East" project caused Hengyang city to become a world-class traveling benchmark for " the discovery of travel " and the " action for forming dreams".
  Being devoted to bringing a city full of the memories of Huxiang cultures
  On March 27th, during the vibrant spring season, the construction of experience centers in the "Dream East Project" came to an end, and the worker were working hard to decorate the outer wall. The experience center was planned to be open to tourists in May.
  The workers were examining the installation of wooden roof of the experience center.
  Since the process of building this project, each day has been a new day because this project has the largest scale of investment, new state of business operation and the most plentiful connotation traveling development project within our city in recent years; additionally, its process of proceeding can be seen by people. 
  The main task of the project in experience center basically completed.
  The experience center, located in the north of ancient town enveloped by Huxiang culture, covering an area of 14 mu, aimed at  devising a project display and communicative platform with the spirit of Huxiang culture and replete with Huxiang cultural memories.In the west side of the experience center, this project also decided to build a experience zone containing such zones as entertainment park for children, the arts of paddy fields, sports fields, camping sites and so forth, providing another recreational place for   Hengyang people to relax and take pleasure on weekends and holidays.
  The bird's eye imagery of the completion of experience centers.
  "Culture is the profound background and foundation of tourism and Huxiang culture is the gift to Hengyang."Wu Bin, the general manager of Dream East in Hengyang project, deemed that the tourism economy was rapidly developing, apart from the increasing number of tourists, the total ticket income as well was rocketing. On account of people's good wish to live a better and satisfactory life, tourism goods of bright cultural traits and individualism will get more attention by the tourists.
  "This project taking full use of fascinating landscapes and pastoral scenes and depending on Huxiang culture as its soul attempts to create an integrated traveling resort combining cultural towns, technological towns, forest towns, farming towns with five-based theme parks."Wu Bin said.
  The rendering picture of fantasy ancient town influenced by Huxiang culture
  The impression picture of the great night scenes given by the explorative entertainment park of Dream East
  Up to now, about 700 million yuan has been invested in the entire "Dream East Project" and the construction of the fantasy ancient town influenced by Huxiang culture started. It is expected that the first-phase project of ancient town and thhe explorative entertainment park of Dream East will come into use in May of the following year.
  Therefore, a new pattern of " Mountain Heng in the north, Dream East in the south" will appear.
  What are the reasons of "Dream East Group" choosing Chejiang areas in south-Hengyang as the outset of dreams.
  Wu Bin held that, at first, the transportation was rather convenient in Hengnan county because three sides of Hengnan county surround Hengyang urban area." Our project, sitting in the southwest corner of Hengyang, with its back against Yumu mountain ranges, on its north adjacent to Mountain Heng scientific city, is a pretty holiday resort close to the urban area but getting away from the city;"
  Secondly, with further development of an array major projects such as Nanyue Airport coming into service, Hengyun Line open to traffic and the building of Tugutang  Navigator- Hydropower junction, Hengnan is increasingly putting itself into a place producing a cornucopia of wealth, investment and industry-manufacturing.
  Definitely, support from local government should not be ignored." the relevant departments at all levels of Hengyang city and Hengnan county exhausted their efforts to advocate the advancement of Dream East in Hengnan. Simultaneously, these department provide the best-qualified environment for the construction of the project through the coordination of relationships of different sides and the successful resolution of various conflicts."
  Most importantly, the first-class ecological environment and natural scenery in local area deserve mention. On top of the beautiful Shiniu Peak with attractive features, "acres of peach trees parade acres of peach blossoms " in Tieshi Village, hot spring pool in Quantang and dropping cave in seven bridge at  Jinxing Village cannot be missed.
  It’s said that Dream East Group's good fame and popularity in business world is renowned to everyone, particularly bring enormous effects on the integration between culture and tourism.Both aeronautic theme-based fairyland named "the future world of Dream East" and the homemade original animation -VALT THE WONDER DEER filmed by this group have been listed into major projects of Chinese cultural industry under the management of Cultural Industry Bureau of Ministry of Culture. It was undoubtedly rare in culture community.
  Aeronautic theme-based fairyland named "the future world of Dream East" lies in Yanjiao town
  The homemade original animation -VALT THE WONDER DEER
Wu Bin pointed out that, as a principal node engineering in accordance with schemes proposed by the municipal committee and the municipal government to encourage holistic tourism and make up for the shortcomings of economic development, after the completion of world-class project for spending holiday and relaxing--"Hengyang Dream East Project", not only more than 7,000 jobs would be offered and the yearly revenue hitting 300 million yuan was achieved, but also the great improvement of ecological environment and sights of Chejiangpian area would be met, a new model in tourism market " Mountain Heng in the north, Dream East in the south" would appear. Therefore, the yearly flow of tourists would reach 100 million, significantly boosting the development of holistic tourism in Hengyang.
  Establish the most-advanced flying saucer range in Hunan province
  What sparks will appear if the pattern" travel plus sports" is employed.
The reporter got the knowledge that, apart from the mode "travel plus culture", "Dream East Project" also made the most of the local natural resources, planning to form a park for sporting which was furnished with athletic fields used for diverse sports and for sports competition. And the flying saucer was big enough and had sufficient equipment for competition and training.In August of this year, 2018 13th Sports Meeting Flying Saucer Shooting Competition started here.
  The rendering imagery of flying saucer range.
  As Wang Zhenghai, the general manager in charge of the flying saucer range project, made an introduction that the total investment to this project surpassed 300 million yuan, and it was anticipated that it would be accomplished before the end of June of this year and put into use in August.Recently, the project managers took advantage of good weather to speed up to construct; at present, the earthwork formation of the stadium and the building of 500-metre track had been finished.It is expected that installation of apparatus will launch at the end of April and debugging procedures for the apparatus will successfully finish at the end of May.
  Flying saucer ranges is being constructed.
 Wang Haizheng said, currently, there was merely a flying saucer range for training in Changsha in the whole Hunan province; nowadays, this newly- built range in Hengyang not only could hold the international-class flying saucer sports competition but also served as the regular training fields for national and provincial teams. Besides, Hengyang Dream East Traveling Resort will also consider "nationwide body-building“ as the theme, gradually expanding training fields for participating in equestrianism and mountain golf, and trying to build more sport parks for all people in the purpose of enriching Hengyang citizens' cultural and athletic lives.
  According to the latest statistics provided by the World Tourism Organization, 9 percent of the world's economy and 20 percent of global import and export volumes come from the incomes of tourism.
  Grasp the promising tendency, obtain triumphs in the future.
  "The era of mass tourism is approaching, the new pattern of cultural industry development is silently shooting:Some changes have occurred, transiting from single construction and management of tourism attractions and resorts to coordinate development for comprehensive goals, from ticket economy to industrial economy, from extensive and low-effective economy to intensive and high-effective economy, and from closed and self-circled economy to open and integrated development pattern -"tourism plus".
  The reporter got from an interview that, the developmental position of " Dream East Project" was definite, that was, taking full use of superior developmental position -Hengyang had abundant historical and cultural resources and ecological resources, and seizing historic opportunities to undertake the task of transforming their entire city faces; in addition, with the national and provincial vigorous support for cultural and traveling industry, this project is scheduled to set a pattern for city-traveling destination in Hngyang and the first, second and tertiary industry towards the corporate development, being the pilot zone for upgrade and transformation of cities in south-China area.
Green mountain will never bore you, the flowing water will always intrigue you.
  The reporter believed that with the full establishment of this project, it would be significant in reality when much efforts was made to complement the short board of Hengyang tourism, to promote the process of strengthen the city through advancing tourism, and to fasten the formation of new pattern of holistic travel radiating south-China area.

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