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Hengyang logistics Park: a "Jumbo" Logistics Industry Thriving in the Southwestern Hengyang
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  With every sunrise and sunset,Hengyuan Logistics Park in Qidong county runs with passion as quickly as the speed of the wheels.
  Seemingly boring statistics does make people excited: almost one-third merchandise cars of whole Hunan province transfer here;more than 100,000 tons of river sand is transported from here each month where is a station with the largest amount of cargo volumes in the Hunan-Guizhou railway line;In 2017, the gross logistics volumes surpassed 1.5 million tons and the number of the staff exceeded 2,000.
  When walking on the project sites, you put yourself in a "logistics city".
  In 2018, Hengyuan Logistics Company is initiating such eight big engineering construction projects as China Railway Special Cargo Service Co.,Ltd -Hengyuan Merchandise Cars Logistics Base, Arctic Cold Chain Company, Hengyuan South-Chnia Trade Center, Agricultural Product and Grains Logistics, the Road of Hengyuan Logistics Park, the duplication of Henayuan pattern, Truck Logistics Chain and the living community of the staff involved. Hengyuan Logistics Park is becoming a burgeoning industry with great efforts and great enthusiasm. Thus, a modernized trade logistics base is energetically rising here.
  The First Enterprise with Railways in Hunan Province
  In the era of e-business, the importance of logistics is self-evident.
  "In 2010, we begin to set a plan and design for the intending development of logistics."He Qiusheng, the president of the board in Hunan Hengyuan Group, said when being interviewed. Qidong county, located in the southwest of Hengyang city in Hunan province, is a crucial channel to connect the "Yangtze River Delta" with "the Pearl River Delta". "A two-hour economic circles" with Qidong county as the core covers about four provinces including Hunan province, Hubei province, Jiangxi Province and Yunnan province as well as ten cities, radiating a population exceeding 60 million; Meanwhile, he mentioned that "a plan is drafted to establish a large logistics park, attempting to shorten the logistics time and reduce the cost of cargo circulation."
  In order to seamlessly link with Hunan-Guizhou Railway and to construct logistics transportation system featuring the co-transporting of the expressway and the railway, Hengyuan group especially built the first private-run railway only limited to Hengyuan Logistics.
  Since the special railway for the Hengyuan Logistics was open to traffic, a great change in shopping habits occurred among the people living in Qidong county and the neighboring areas." In the past, we used to have a purchase of river sand in Hengyang or Changsha city. But now, it has changed that many people of neighboring areas come here to do purchase.In addition, the price we offer is much lower than that of other areas. Liu Yang, a resident from Qidong county, told the reporter that nearly the number of commodity cars occupying one-third of that of the entire province transferred here, and she expected to in the near future buy an "inexpensive car" in her living city.
  Employ the model " Internet Plus" to Bring "High-Effective Logistics"
  At present, there have been more than thirty trade circulation agents such as Wangwang, C'estbon and Tingyi Holding Corporation and so forth entering the park's distribution center, radiating peripheral counties and cities of Qidong county.
  The Yearly Throughput Amounts to Approximately One Million Tons
  On January 16th of this year, the railways transportation line for sedans from Chongqing to Qidong was officially open to the traffic, and a truck with two cargo beds specially used for transporting cars driving from Chongqing Central Group to Hengyuan Logistics in Hunan province, carrying such three famous brands as Changsha Automobile, Changsha Ford and DFSK,inclusive of 160 cars, punctually arrived at the Hengyuan Logistics Park. Thus, it marked the official launch of the project of China Railway Special Cargo Service Co.,Ltd -Hengyuan Merchandise Cars Logistics Base.
  "It's expected that about Hengyuan Logistics Park would absorb in 100,000 commodity cars and those cars would be transported to four cities such as Hengyang, Chenzhou, Yongzhou, and Shaoyang.He Qiusheng said that they imagined to create the second-phase project of Hengyuan Logistics into a comprehensive motor city integrating logistics, cars sold through internet channel, auto finance, auto accessories with auto aftermarket and also established motor parks, auto experience centers in order to serve more chances to make more people know and experience the autos.
  "The development of logistics industry intangibly promotes the growth of the relevant industrial chains.After the complete establishment of Heangyuan Logistics Park, the gross volume of logistics hit 10 million tons, thus, more than 10,000 people being employed and producing the "cake" of aftermarket worthy of 2 trillion yuan for Qidong, Hengyang and even the whole southern part of Hunan province. "He Qiusheng explained that the logistics was equivalent to some infrastructures including water, electricity and road and so on; when the cost of logistics declined, it would cause an enormous effect on an area inviting business and attracting investment.
  Due to the tendency of logistics, now the number of enterprises entering Hengyuan Logistics Park increases year after year.Up to now, there are 125 enterprises entering, of which includes listed firms such as Alibaba Group and Zhongguancun Stock Group.
  Hengyang Logistics Park is not only the proud of Qidong but also Hengyang even the whole southern part of Hunan province.
  With a total investment of 200 million yuan, the throughput would contain more than 100 million tons after its establishment, and it was really a "big head"with more than 10,000 staff admired by the national logistics industry.However, which surprises us is not only its volume size, but also the benefits it brings to the city.For example, shorten the logistics time, reduce the cost of logistics and promote the development of relevant industrial chains in the" aftermarket economy" and so on .
  People cast their eye to Qidong because of its positive and effective effects.People pin their hope on Qidong because of it.
  With the help of logistics, a lot of opportunities for employment help the local people solve the problem of finding jobs and make the economy of Qidong burst into vitality.This is the luck for Qidong as well as the benefit for Hengyang.

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