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Hengyang National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone
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The Hengyang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone is located in the southwest of Hengyang City. It was established with the approval of the People's Government of Hunan Province in June 1992, upgraded to a national level with the approval of the State Council in August 2012, and elevated to the deputy department-level unit in September 2021. It implements unified management of the Baishazhou Industrial Park, Hengyang Comprehensive Bonded Zone, and Hengshan Industrial Development Zone, or Hengshan Science Town. It covers a total planned area of 92.97 square kilometers and a developed area of 44.36 square kilometers, with a permanent population of 400,000.

There are six leading industries in the high-tech zone, including electronic information, mobile Internet, intelligent equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, modern services, and cultural creativity. It has attracted a large number of domestic and overseas well-known companies such as Huawei, ZTE, Foxconn, and CLP Holdings, and has cultivated a group of high-tech core enterprises such as RAMON Science, FII, 1MORE, and Mogo Auto.

It has successively reputed as the "national innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base", "national characteristic carrier of financing innovation and entrepreneurship for large and medium-sized enterprises", "national base undertaking industrial transfer", "Hunan high-quality development industrial zone", and "Hunan civil-military integration industry demonstration base".

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