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New Landmarks Ready to Come Out in Hengyang's Lujia New District
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Recenty, Hengyang once again signaled its support for the development of high-tech zones by building headquarters economic zone, modern industrial core zone and national-level industrial integration demonstration zone around the creation of national innovation-oriented zones.

In two years, the 9.81-square-kilometer area of Lujia New District has been transformed from a suburban village into a new urban center. In pursuit of higher quality development and more effective construction, the headquarter base, Innovation Center, Entrepreneurship Center, Convention and Exhibition Center, and Virtual College Station are all industrial projects related to the future development pattern of the high-tech zone, and also, they are heart-wining projects concerning ordinary people to get better entrepreneurial and life experience.  

Through these 10 carry-on programmed industrial projects, let's see how the new urban landmarks rise in this piece of land the high-tech zone tried to create.

1. International Convention and Exhibition Center: Located in the superimposed radiation area of Hengzhou Avenue Expressway and Zhengshui river functional service axis, its total planning area is 268 mu, total construction area is 280,000 square meters,and total investment is 3 billion yuan. The project consists of an exhibition center, a star-rated hotel and a multi-purpose center, with two twin towers of 150 meters that will take the city to new heights. Upon completion, the project will rapidly enhance the overall competitiveness of Hengyang city, promote the development of the city's economy, science and technology, culture and increase the city's popularity.

2. Headquarters base: The total investment is about 3.5 billion yuan , the total land area is about 280 mu and the construction area is about 600,000 square meters. It’s positioned as an intelligent and efficient headquarters building group to form a corporate headquarters gathering base integrating office, scientific research, incubation, and industry. It is planned to introduce more than 50 NEEQ listed companies to settle in, and it is expected to achieve an annual output value of 30 billion yuan and realize tax revenue more than 2 billion yuan.

3. ZTE Science and Technology Zone: With a total investment of 1 billion yuan and a planned total land area of 238 mu, relying on ZTE’s R&D platform, a smart city industrial zone and a service zone for small and medium-sized enterprises with the theme of technological innovation will be built, which are classified into 5 functional zones, that is: integrated service areas, business districts,   scientific research area, office area, and achievement display area, with an estimated annual profit and tax of 150 million yuan.

4. Virtual University Town: The total investment is 700 million yuan, the planned land area is 76 mu and the construction area is about 140,000 square meters. It is constructed in accordance with the model of "one park, multiple schools, and campus joint construction", to create an innovative demonstration base of industry-university-research integration supported by well-known universities at home and abroad . This project is a key project supported by the National Special Fund and is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2018.

5. Emerging Financial Center: With a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, a planned total land area of 103 mu and a total construction area of 200,000 square meters, the emerging financial center project aims directly at the top financial service institutions with an advanced strategic vision and strives to create a financial landmark in the city, planning to build the financial center of the whole city and even the southern Hunan region.

6、Innovation Center: The total investment is 800 million yuan, the total land area is 70 mu and the total construction area is 145,000 square meters. It mainly include science and technology centers, roadshow platforms, intellectual property trading platforms, technology business incubators, service outsourcing management, public technology service platforms, personnel training and exhibition service platforms.

7. Entrepreneurship Center: The total investment is 1.1 billion yuan, the planned total land area is 80 mu and the total construction area is 160,000 square meters. It is estimated that 500 high-tech enterprises will be incubated and 5000 people will be employed within 10 years after completion. It was completed and officially put into operation at the end of 2018, with an annual profit and tax of more than 200 million yuan.

8. Southern Hunan Emerging Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Base: it covers a total investment of 900 million yuan, a total land area of 73 mu and a building area of 150,000 square meters. After completion, it can undertake the Pearl River Delta, serve southern Hunan, promote the development and transformation of urban industries, and provide all-round service support such as scientific research and development, capital operation, and information consulting for various innovative and entrepreneurial activities, which will effectively promote the development of Hengyang High-tech Zone’s innovative capabilities and active local economy.

9. High-tech Future City Innovation Valley. The total investment is about 500 million RMB, the total land area is 38 mu and the total construction area is 100,000 square meters. It integrates entrepreneurial incubators, roadshow platforms, crowd-creation spaces, and entrepreneurial communities, aiming to create mobile Internet urban youth a cluster of entrepreneurial new life.

10. Beilansi Medical Technology zone: the total investment of it is 500 million yuan, invested and constructed by Hunan Beilansi Medical Technology Co., Ltd., it will be built into a factory building, research and development center, product testing center, comprehensive building, etc. After completion, it will become the first enterprise in the province that produces and sells high-end human implant materials. It is expected to generate more than 180 million yuan in profits and taxes after it is put into production.

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