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Hengyuan Logistics Park: logistics monolith rises strongly in the southwest Hengyang
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The cargo ostentation of Hengyuan Logistics Park is crazy and amazing in Qidong every day.

The data is boring but attracting. One-third of commercial vehicles in Hunan province have been transferred here. It transports more than 100,000 tons of river sand every month, which is the station with the largest cargo volume in the Hunan-Guangxi highway. The total logistics quantity of the park was more than 1,500,000 tons and the park had more than 2000 employees in 2017.

When walking on the project site, you feel like you are in a “Logistics City”. Hengyuan Logistics started eight construction projects which are China Railway Hengyuan Special Commodity Commercial Vehicle Base, Arctic Cold Chain, Hengyuan Mid-South Shopping Mall, Agricultural Products Logistics, Road of Hengyuan Logistics Park, Replication of Hengyuan Model, Heavy Truck Logistics Chain and Employees’ Living Quarter in 2018. You can see nothing but effort and enthusiasm in the park. Hengyuan Logistics Park is full of life and a modern trade logistics base is rising strongly here.

The first enterprise with a railway in Hunan province.

The importance of logistics is obvious in e-commerce era.

“We have got down to plan and design this chunk as early as 2018.”He Qiusheng, chairman of Hunan Hengyuan Group, said in an interview that Qidong country is located in the southwest of Hengyang in Hunan and is a crucial channel to help Hunan connect with Pearl River Delta Area and Yangtze River Delta Area. The “two-hours economic circle” centered on Qidong country covers ten cities in Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and Guangxi, and radiates more than 60,000,000 people. “It will greatly reduce logistic time and lower the cost of circulation that we build a big logistics park here.”

In order to seamlessly link Hunan-Guangxi railway to build a logistics transportation system with united transportation of railways and highways, Hengyuan Group specially built the first railway operated by the private enterprise in Hunan, namely, Hengyuan Logistics Access Railroad.

Since the operation of Hengyuan Logistics Access Railroad, people’s living and shopping habits in Qidong country and surrounding areas have been changed greatly. “In the past, we had to go to Hengyang or Changsha to buy river sand, but now many people in surrounding areas have bought it here. And the price here is lower.” Liu Yang in Qidong country was delight to told the reporters that now one-third of commercial vehicle in Hunan province were transferred here and he hoped to buy a cheap car near his house in the near future.

Use “Internet Plus” to build “efficient logistics”

At present, more than 30 commerce circulation agents, such as AliWangWang, C’estbon and Master Kong, settled in the distribution center of the park, radiating all countries and cities around Qidong.

The total annual throughput will reach up to thousands of tons

On January 16th this year, motor-rail multimodal transport route from Chongqing to Qidong started to operate. A double-deck special train for transportation of cars was sent from CIMCC in Chongqing to Hengyuan Logistics in Hunan, carrying 160 cars of three famous brands, for example, Chang’an, Changan Ford and DFSK, and arrived Hengyuan Logistics Park on time, which marks the official operation of China Railway Hengyuan Special Commodity Commercial Vehicle Base.

“It is expected that nearly 100,000 commercial vehicles will arrive Hengyuan Logistics Park this year. Hengyang, Chenzhou, Yongzhou and Shaoyang will come to Qidong to transport commercial vehicles.” He Qiusheng said that they imagined that the second phrase of Hengyuan project will become a big comprehensive Motor City with an integration of logistics, automobile plus internet sales, automobile finance, auto parts and automotive aftermarket and they will build a car park and a car experience center to let more people learn and experience cars.

The development of logistics industry can intangibly drive the development of the related industrial chain. When Hengyuan Logistics Park was built, the amount of throughout will reach up to 10,000,000 tons and the park will provides more than 10,000 posts and will get a piece of the aftermarket pie valued 20 trillion for Qidong, even Hengyang and Southern Hunan.” He Qiusheng explained that logistics is like infrastructure, such as water, power and road, and the reduction of logistics cost plays a significant role in investment and economic development in a region.

Due to logistical advantages, the amount of settled enterprises in Hengyuan Logistics Park is increasing year by year. Until now, 125 enterprises were settled, including Alibaba, CIMC and other listed companies.

Hengyuan Logistics Park is not only the pride of Qidong, but also the pride of Hengyang, even Southern Hunan.

The total investment is 2 billion RMB. When completed, annual ostentation of the logistics park will reach up to thousands of tons and it will provide more than 10,000 posts and is a “chunk” drawing the attention of logistics industry in China.

However, what is attracting is not only its ostentation and size, but also its welfare which brings to this city, such as reducing logistics time, reducing logistics cost and leveraging post-market economy of the related industrial chain. For this reason, people have set their sights in Qidong; for this reason, people have laid their hope in Qidong.

The power of the logistics attracts a golden bird of wonder to solve people’s employment problems and let economy and society in Qidong revive. This is a piece of good fortune of Qidong, and is a blessing for Hengyang.

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