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Hunan Business Environment Ranks Eighth in China
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On the afternoon of November 1, Hunan Governor Mao Weiming shared a piece of good news with the participants at the executive meeting of the provincial government. The All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce announced the results of the 2021 “Business Environment Evaluation by Ten Thousand Private Enterprises”. Hunan Province ranked 8th nationwide, 2 places higher than last year. Changsha ranked 9th, 4 places higher than last year. Both took the lead in central China.

“This is a great encouragement and affirmation of what Hunan Province has been achieved.” Governor Mao pointed out that optimizing the business environment is always on the way. He asked all the departments at all levels to adhere to goal, problem, and result orientation; focus on public services, market entities, and tough tasks; and spare no efforts to create a first-class business environment.

Meanwhile, the meeting passed in principle the “Twenty Measures to Further Reforms to Streamline Administration and Delegate Power, and Boost the ‘Five-good’ Industrial Parks Construction”. This was another major policy aimed at government function reform. All the measures are well-aligned with the needs of market entities. They will inject a “boosting agent” into the building of the “Five-good” industrial parks.

Since the beginning of this year, the whole province has deeply promoted the reform of streamlining administration and delegating power. It strives to create a market-based international business environment that respects the rule of law, with dynamic market, public praised reform, and heart-warming service.

Accurate implementation of a series of measures has achieved remarkable results:

-Promote the “Six Ones” work to serve private enterprises (Six Ones means one list-Top 100 Hunan Private Enterprises List, one award-New Hunan Contribution Award, one center-Hunan Private Enterprises Service Center, one manual-Hunan Provincial Private Enterprise Supporting Policies Manual, one office-Hunan Provincial Joint Conference Office for Optimizing Economic Development Environment, and one platform-Public Service Platform for Technological Element Market and Regional Equity Market), and focus on cultivating and stimulating the vitality of market entities;

-Promote the reform of “Three Centralization and Three in Place” in provincial departments (Three Centralization refers to the administrative examination and approval functions are centralized in one department, the departments undertaking the examination and approval functions are centralized in the administrative service center, and the administrative examination and approval matters are centralized at the e-government platform; “Three in Place” refers to the fact that affairs are in place in the government service hall, windows for approval and authorization are in place, and electronic monitoring is in place);

-Implement services such as “full online processing, making appointments at staggered time, and taking the initiative to help handle affairs”;

-“One-step Approval Process” reform has become a well-known government service brand in China and has been included into the “Implementation Outline on Promoting the Building of a Law-based Government (2021-2025)” issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council;

-Pay close attention to optimizing the business environment, and carry out business environment assessment for cities and prefecture, which has ranked first nationwide for two consecutive years; and,

-Put forward ten measures of guaranteeing land use security, talents and financial services serving Three Highlands and Four New Missions Strategy, to ensure a stable supply of energy and power, and effectively solve the problem of enterprise labor and energy use.

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