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Foreign Investment Guide of the People's Republic of China (2022 Edition)
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To build a more transparent business environment and facilitate trade and investment, the Department of Foreign Investment Administration and the Investment Promotion Agency updated the Foreign Investment Guide of the People's Republic of China. The Guide, retaining the basic framework of the 2021 edition, is composed of five chapters—"Meeting China," "Investing in China," "The Legal System for Foreign Investment in China," "Procedures for Business Operation", and "Foreign Nationals in China", with newly-added contents, such as digital economy, a unified national market at a faster pace, alignment with international standards, and opening-up of the financial sector based on suggestions of foreign-invested enterprises. Detailed information was shared on carbon dioxide peaking and carbon neutrality as well as the special team for key foreign investment projects. Data, procedures for business operation, and directory of institutions were also updated. The Guide will be released in Chinese and English, online and offline, to comprehensively introduce the international market-oriented and law-based business environment of China. It is hoped that the Guide will be helpful for foreign enterprises and investors.

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