Investment Projects
Senior Citizen Apartment in Leiyang
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1.Construction Necessity
   Leiyang is home to 1.45 million people. With aging population intensified, demands for the aged in urban and rural areas have increased. It becomes more pronounced when rural prime labors go out to work and don’t have enough time to take care of elders. Inspired by great market outlook, construction of senior citizen apartment offers good social and economic benefit.
2.Construction Fundament
  Preliminary work, such as land acquisition and project approval, is completed.
3. Major contents and scale
   300 mu of land is to be used for constructing senior citizen apartment,  offices and living subsidiary rooms to accommodate 2000 elders.
4.Construction Investment
  The total investment is 200 million dollars.
  Funding from the project comes from enterprise itself. 
5. Approaches of cooperation and return 
   The project will be completed by cooperation and joint venture. The enterprise will make profit through its own management decisions and applying for nation funding support.
6. Project units and contact information
    Contact Department: Leiyang Development and Investment Administration
    Contact: Chunhe Jiang
    Contact Number: 13974797117

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