Investment Projects
Fushou International Retirement Center of Nanyue
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1.Construction Necessity
    Boasting the profound culture of longevity and happiness, Nanyue Heng Mountain is endowed with natural conditions which favor health care and fitness. It can be reputed as a natural oxygen bar with 80% forest coverage, more than 1400 plant species and negative oxygen ions 26000 per cubic centimeter. The life expectancy of the district is 76 years old now, 1.2 years higher than that of the whole nation. Establishing “ centenarian health zone”, building apartments for the aged and developing aged service industry is put forward by Nanyue district commission and government. These actions have great significance to carrying forward the culture of longevity and happiness of Nanyue Heng Mountain.
2. Construction Fundament
   The planning design and approval is completed.
3.Major contents and scale
    The total plot area is 1000 mu. This comprehensive retirement center and  living experience area sets entertainment, accommodation and catering all in one.
4.Construction Investment
  The total investment is 500 million RMB.
5.The analysis of market outlook, social and economic benefits
   It is anticipated that 80 million RMB and 45 million RMB for annual revenue and return respectively can be realized.
6.Modes of investment attraction and return
  Sole proprietorship or joint venture
7.Project units and contact information
  Contact Departments: Nanyue Bureau of Administration
  Contact: Xianping Deng
  Contact Numbers: 0734-5679231,13908445919


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