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Multifuctional International Retirement Holiday Village of Nanyue
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  1. Construction Necessity
    Nanyue Heng Mountain and its surrounded areas have a subtropical humid   monsoon climate featuring enough heat, maximum daylight, abundant rainfall and  four distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is 18 degrees, annual precipitation 1400 mm and the annual average frost-free period 300 days. Boasting the profound culture of longevity and happiness, Nanyue Heng Mountain is endowed with natural conditions which favor health care and fitness. It can be reputed as a natural oxygen bar with 80% forest coverage, more than 1400 plant species and negative oxygen ions 26000 per cubic centimeter. With convenient transportation, it is the best place to establish high-end retirement real estate close to core scenic spots of Nanyue Heng Mountain.
     Now we have 156 million people of 60 or above, accounting for 12% of national population. It is predicted by experts that the ratio of elderly population will reach up to 25% in 2030. With rapid economic development and aging population, traditional pattern of old-age support can not take responsibilities of present society. Thus it is in urgent need for developing aged service industry to ease our aged support pressure.
2.Construction Fundament
    Project planning and site selection are completed.
3.Major contents and scale
    The construction site is in Longquan Village, Kaiyun town, Hengshan county. It covers area of 200 mu ( equity and tenancy combined). The multifunctional retirement apartments integrating residence, recuperation, medical treatment, health care, entertainment, working and study are to be built. Meanwhile, it carries out home-based old-age support, hotel-based services and medicalized management. Other supporting projects like green food planting, breeding base construction and hotel opening will be implemented at the same time.
4.Construction Investment
   The total investment is 1000 million RMB.
5.The analysis of social and economic benefits
  Rental Income: 46 million RMB (20 square meters per elder, occupancy rate 80%, accommodation of 5200 people all year round, 750 RMB a month per person)
Operating Revenue: 24 million RMB earned from hotel, cultivation, entertainment, health care, medical treatment and recuperation.
6.Approaches of cooperation and return
  Joint venture, cooperation and investment
7.Project units and contact information
  Contact Department: Bureau of Commerce of Hengshan County
  Contact: Bin Tan
  Contact Numbers: 0734-5812758


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