Investment Projects
Hengyang Old-age Rehabilitation Hospital and Endowment Community
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   With economic development and improvement of people’s living standards, our national population goes toward the trend of aging. Hengyang also has the similar situation and sever old-age support problems. The project construction answers the requirement of building a harmonious socialist society. Given the growing of “ Four-Two-One” families, supporting elders has become a social issue. We can provide integrated services of daily care, diseases treatment and professional care after the project is completed. In this course, old-age support and joy can be realized so as to promote harmony of family and society.
1.Construction Fundament
  The planning is completed.
2.Major contents and scale
   The project construction is divided into two phases. Hospital outpatient building, inpatient building (200 beds), the first-phase convalescent home (300 beds), the first unit of old-aged apartment (1000 beds) are to be built in the first-phase project. The planned area covers 200 mu and the construction cycle is 3 years. The second, third and fourth unit of old-aged apartment (4000 beds), the second-phase convalescent home (700 beds) , family hotel, old-aged leisure park and community infrastructure are to be built in the second-phase project. The planned area covers 300 mu.  
4. Construction Investment
  The total investment is 600 million RMB, phased implementation.
  Funding is mainly self-raised by the proprietor.
5.The analysis of social and economic benefits
   The project is capable of providing old-aged services for 5000 elders, medical treatment and rehabilitation services for 10,000 people a year. It is expected that 500 million RMB on annual revenue and 50 million RMB on annual profit can be achieved.
6.Approaches of cooperation and return
  Sole proprietorship, joint venture and cooperation
7.Project units and contact information
  Contact Department: Construction Affairs Bureau of Hengyang Old-aged Rehabilitation Hospital and Endowment Community
  Contact: Tiesheng Zhu
  Contact Number: 13907470708


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