Investment Projects
Changning Sports Competition Center
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 1. Construction Necessity
    The lack of high profile and high standard public sports venues and inability to host major culture and sports competitions curb the development of Changning
 sports competition market and improvement of competitive level. At the same time,  it goes far from meeting people’s increasing demand. Constructing sports competition center is an inevitable trend for the development of Changning sports career.
 2. Construction Fundament
 It is included in Changning 13th Five Year Plan.
 3. Major contents and scale
 300 mu of land is expropriated.
 Stadium, gymnasium, aquatics center, training stadium, integrated teaching building, shooting hall, sports service center, athletes apartment and central square
 4. Construction Investment
 The total investment is 150 million RMB. Project fund is introduced by attracting Investment.
 5. The analysis of social and economic benefits
   The annual membership income will reach 1 million RMB after sports center be completed, ticket proceeds of hosting major cultural and sports competition  exceed 5 million RMB , tenancy fee more than 2 million RMB, books income more than 1 million RMB, advertising revenue and sponsorship fee 2 million RMB. It is expected that total investment can be recouped in 20 years.
 6. Approaches of cooperation and return
 Cooperation, joint venture and sole proprietor The investor can be granted with the relevant preferential polices of Changning investment attraction.
 7. Project units and contact information
 Contact Department: Changning Sports Bureau
 Contact: Qingzhong Yin
 Contact Number: 13974778566


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