Investment Projects
Extension Project of Changning People’s Hospital
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   1. Construction Necessity
    Urban area in Changning has expanded by five-fold compared with that before reform and opening-up. The new district has become political and cultural center. Since hospitals are centralized in the old district and the new district stands no large-scale hospital, the lack of medical facilities directly affects citizens’ medical-seekingconditions. To improve unbalanced distribution of urban hospitals, medical level and provide people health care, extension of Changning People’s Hospital is vital.
   2. Construction Fundament 
    The construction site is located at south second ring with convenient transportation and wide coverage, which is conducive to patients seeking medical treatment.
   3. Major contents and scale
     With area of 288.8 mu of land and overall floorage of 0.1 million square meters, it functions as a comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment,research, teaching, health care, rehabilitation and old-age support. Having 900 beds, it is constructed based on the.standard of national third-class hospital.
   4. Construction Investment
   The total investment is 300 million RMB.
   Project fund is introduced by attracting  investment.
   5. The analysis of social and economic benefits
    The scope of services can cover Changning and its surrounded counties and  cities after the project is completed. Based on the increasing hospital annual income from 5% to 8%, the investment can be recouped in 10 years (construction period not included)
   6. Approaches of cooperation and return
   The final specific way is determined by contracting after discussion.
   The investor can be granted with the relevant preferential polices of Changning  investment attraction.
   7. Project units and contact information 
   Contact Unit: Changning People’s Hospital
   Contact: Zhijian Liu
   Contact Number: 13975411992


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