Investment Projects
The First-phase Project of The First High School
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   1. Construction Necessity
    Hengyang First High School is the former railway school and hardware   construction lags far behind other schools. It has to give place to burgeoning urban construction. Matched with the need of excellent school of developing Wuguang New District and Binjiang New District, relocation and construction of the first high school is the ideal solution.
   2. Construction Fundament
   The site selection and project approval are completed.
   The environment assessment, planning and design is undergoing.
   3. Major contents and scale
   220.4 mu of land is to be used in the first phase. The gross building area covers 59500 square meters.
   4. Construction Investment
   Expected total investment is 300 million RMB, including construction and  installation cost of 230 million RMB and other cost of 70 million RMB.
   5. The analysis of social and economic benefits
   The implementation of the project can enhance the current situation like narrow space, deficiency of hardware, teaching facilities and experiment conditions.It is beneficial for promoting stable, sustainable, coordinated and health development of Hengyang compulsory education.
   6. Approaches of cooperation and return
   Cooperation way: BT
   Return: cash
   7. Project units and contact information
   Contact Department: Hengyang City Construction Investment Co. Ltd.
   Contact: Jinyun Jiang
   Contact Number: 073-48862981


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