Investment Projects
International School in Hengshan Mountain Science City
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1.Construction Necessity
   Jointly established by the government and corporations, Hengshan Mountain Science City is a new market-oriented, modern, ecological intelligence science city. The concentration of enterprise headquarters, research and trade centers, talents management and technology innovation teams will be achieved here. International School is initiated to satisfy education needs of kids of those elites working here and advance implementation of constructing international community in Hengshan Mountain Science City.
2. Constructional Fundament
  Project site selection is completed.
3.Main Contents and Scale
   A high-end international school, 300 mu of land, 8000 anticipated students will be taught by experienced teaching management group and foreign teachers.
4. Construction Investment
  The total investment is 0.6 billion dollars.
5. The analysis of social and economic benefit
  After completion, it is estimated that it can generate annual revenue of 120 million RMB and annual profit 50 million RMB. 
6. Approaches of cooperation and return on investment
   Sole proprietorship, joint venture and cooperation
7. Project units and contact information
  Contact Departments: Commercial Bureau of Hengyang
  Contacts: Yangning Peng, Kang Luo
  Contact Number: 0734-8153333

Fax Number: 0734-8217256

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