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Miquan Wind-powered Electricity Plant in Changning
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I. The necessity of construction
  Wind power features the function of being renewable, pollution-free,power-sufficient, which is regarded as the orientation of  resources strategic development of developed countries.Till the end of 2012, the number of cumulative wind installations has reached 80GM. With development of maturity of wind power technology and level of equipment manufacturing,the wind power industry will get long-term development in the future with the decreasing costs.

II. The constructional fundament
  The project has been included in the wind-powered electricity development plan of Hunan Province.
III. The major constructional content and size
  The overall land for the project is 3.9 square kilometer, and the valid mountain ridge for the wind power is 5 kilometers with a height above the sea level between 800 meter and 1100 meter. The mountain ridge in the project land going from south to north will be installed a electricity generation machine with total scale of 40MW and a new electricity positive booster with 110KV and a round channel with 110 KV will be switched-in through trolly wire.
IV. The investment in construction
  0.45 billion yuan of The estimate total project investment. Major construction fee includes  equipment purchase and installation fee, project construction cost as well as budget reserve etc.. The resources of capital funded by investors itself.

V. The benefit analysis of economic society
  The country and province will offer support to new energy project. After finished, the estimated annual sales revenue will hit 500million yuan through electricity access in about 80 million with benchmarking of wind power feed- in tariffs of 0.61 yuan per degree, which will help to save 25000 tons of standard coal, and push a remarkable project economics and environmental protection.
VI.The ways of cooperation and the return mode of investment
  By cooperation, joint investment,individual proprietorship. To negotiate contracts after identifying specific ways.
The investors can enjoy the relative preferential policies supported by investment attraction of Changning city, with the right to specific policy of “one discussion for one case”
VII. The project unit and contact
  Contact unit: Department of economic development of Changning city.
  Contact: Lei ronghua
  Number : 0734-7221083


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