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Hunan to Vigorously Promote Industrial Development
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Recently the General Office of the Hunan Provincial People's Government has released an implementation plan for vigorously promoting industrial development. It is a practical measure to adhere to strategic positioning and fulfill tasks and missions of "Three Hubs and Four New Missions" Strategy. By 2025, six trillion-yuan industries and eight 100-billion-yuan enterprises will be fostered, and about 80 10-billion-yuan projects will be launched. This will continue to enhance the overall strength and core competitiveness of industrial development.

The 12th CPC Hunan Provincial Congress called for efforts to develop a group of world-class industrial clusters and a number of leading and globally competitive enterprises. Currently Hunan has three trillion-yuan industries and 14 100-billion-yuan sectors. There are four 100-billion-yuan enterprises and 38 10-billion-yuan companies in the field of manufacturing industry. 

The development potential of trillion-yuan industries and 100-billion-yuan enterprises is mainly contributed by the fields of farming, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery; industry and information technology; construction; and services. During the 14th Five-year Plan period, four trillion-yuan industries and five 100-billion-yuan enterprises will be developed in manufacturing industry; 55 10-billion-yuan projects will be launched in the sector. One trillion-yuan industry will be fostered in construction industry and 20 10-billion-yuan projects will be implemented in service sector.

A gradient cultivation mode will be adopted to develop industries, enterprises, and projects, and improve environment at provincial, city and county level. Focusing on leading industries, competitive industries, and industries of the future, Hunan Province will foster a group of trillion-yuan industries, 100-billion-yuan enterprises, and 10-billion-yuan projects at provincial level; a group of 100-billion-yuan industries, 10-billion-yuan enterprises, and 1-billion-yuan projects at city level; a group of 10-billion-yuan industries, 1-billion-yuan enterprises, and 100-millon-yuan projects at county level.

Industry cultivation highlights supporting industries through upgrading foundational industrial infrastructure, developing industries through strengthening coordination, gathering industries through building “Five-good” industrial parks, and cultivating industries through integrated development.

Enterprises will be cultivated through upgrading, introducing, expanding, and merging and reorganization.

Projects will be promoted through transformation and upgrading; investment attraction; innovative achievements commercialization; outstanding enterprises incubation; and existing resources.

These efforts will help ensure the great industrial development.

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