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Hunan Province Rolls out 40 Electronic Information Manufacturing Projects in 2022
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Recently the Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology released 40 key projects in electronic information manufacturing industry in 2022. It aimed to build a national electronic information industrial cluster. Upon operation, the projects will generate an extra income of more than 100 billion yuan. 

The 40 projects have a total investment of 135.2 billion yuan, with a planned investment of 27 billion yuan in 2022. There are 4 projects each with an investment of 10 billion yuan, five projects each with an investment of 5 to 10 billion yuan, and 12 projects each with an investment of 1 to 5 billion yuan. The projects cover such fields as integrated circuit, power semiconductor, intelligent terminal, basic components, and electronic material.

The projects highlight the driving role of leading ones in upstream-downstream synergy. San'an Semiconductor Project and Huashi Semiconductor Project will facilitate the establishment of a third generation semiconductor industrial chain involving from upstream of wafer material and associated equipment to downstream of chip and devices. Changsha Intelligent Valley Project and Sinnet Project will achieve interconnected development to further promote Hunan’s infrastructure level in computing and facilitate the building of a world-class algorithm innovation center.

The projects focus on shoring up weaknesses and improving structure to promote high-end development. Hunan Shaohong Special Glass Project and Zhuzhou Torch Antai ITO Target Project highlight key basic materials to ensure the safety of the industrial chain and supply chain. Lens Technology Intelligent Terminal Equipment Project, Tenda Global Intelligent Manufacturing Base, and Kingcome Group Intelligent Terminal Industrial Park will make up for the shortcomings of the province’s electronic complete machine products and boost Hunan’s electronic information industry to a higher level.

Hunan Province will increase support for provincial key projects and enterprises in electronic information manufacturing industry to apply for special funds, to provide guarantee for land use, energy supply, employment, financing, and personnel.

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