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Hunan Expressway Hengyang Logistics Hub Project Launched
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The Hunan Expressway Hengyang Logistics Hub project was launched on February 8, 2022. It is China's first expressway logistics hub which combines expressway service areas and logistics parks. It will help optimize the modern logistics system, improve logistics chains, expand industrial chains, stabilize supply chains, and provide logistics support to Hengyang's high-quality economic and social development. 

The hub is located in Huangshawan Neighborhood, Shigu District, Hengyang. It stands by Hengyang-Shaoyang Expressway in the north, and the North 3rd Ring Road in the south; and stretches to Zhengxiang North Road in the east, and Cailun Avenue and Shigu District Expressway Toll Station in the west. The total area is about 401 mu (26.73 ha.), with a total investment of 880 million yuan. The construction will complete within three years.

Based on Hunan's expressway network, the project integrates expressway service areas and logistics parks to develop three major functional zones – expressway logistics service zone, smart urban logistics zone, and supporting service zone. It will build a comprehensive logistics park with expressway service area, intercity logistics service, express delivery concentrated transportation and distribution, and supply chain and information service. It will become a core hub of Hunan’s expressway logistics park network.

This project is expected to become a carrier of the modern logistics service system in south Hunan, and an exploration platform for the integration of expressway service areas and logistics parks, according to Zhang Longxing, president of the Hunan Expressway Construction and Development Co., Ltd.

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