Liu Lihua:Build a Tax Credit System and Create a Civilized City
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  Honesty is the foundation where your career life is based, a way that an enterprise comes into being and thrives and also the foundation that a city creates its civilization.Tax credit is the core part of social credit system and also an important "business card" to display the civilized images of the individuals, enterprises and cities.Positively carrying forward the honesty culture, building honest tax credit system and honestly paying tax according to the law, these parts, make the core values of Chinese socialism" patriotism and law-abiding, courteous and honest" vividly present in the economic life.
  Honestly taxing in an essential sign of civilized cities.A national civilized city is a comprehensible honorable title reflecting a city's whole civilization level and also the most valuable brand of a city and also symbols plentiful but it rather stiff to attain.At present, Hengyang is at the crucial period between economic and social transformation and creation of a national civilized city, and the fact that we will extendedly and deeply speed up building social credit system including tax credit system is the internal requirements of building "five new aspects of Hengyang", and also essential for the theme of creating the civilized city.By means of regularizing the tax credit so as to strengthen taxpayers' awareness of honesty, the tax departments legally levy tax and do the taxing services, and form a trustworthy, fair and harmonious taxation and paying relationship among the enterprises paying the tax.As a consequence, it not only beneficial to regularize the administration of the enterprises and levying, but to the establishment and improvement of the credit system and of great importance for our city to create a national civilized city.
  It is the premise of the tax authorities levy tax according to the law.Being service  trades and enforcement law departments, tax authorities on behalf of the government to tax, and whether they legally tax or behave impartial or honest in performing their official duties has an important element on the aspects of taxpayer honestly paying tax.We ought to insist on the idea of collecting money for the nation and taxing for the mass, and undeniably push the tax authorities toward more of normanization and high-service, positively alter the work of style and improve the efficiency so as to a troop of income tax cadre that have strong political ideology, present proficient in working and justice in law enforcement and possess service specification; as a result, the taxpayers can enjoy the income tax service of comprehensiveness, high quality and efficiency and convenience; and we try to reduce the cost for taxpayers and guide them to conscientiously and honestly pay tax in accordance with the law.
  It is the foundation that the taxpayer pay the tax in good faith in obedience to the law.Tax credit can be an objective reflexion of taxpayers abiding by the duty of paying tax, and also a direct reflexion that taxpayers' faith in the society and nation. With the developing process of market economy, honestly and legally paying tax has developed an important invisible asset and commercial reputation that the taxpayers are in possession of.And our nation has considered the result of taxing credit evaluation as the criterion to select the national civilized cities. It is also said that honestly and legally paying the tax is not only related to the taxpayers their reputation but also whether Hengyang city can earn the reputation as a national civilized city.As a consequence, taxpayers need to spontaneously learn the tax law, legally manage and pay tax according to the law;Perfect financial management and faithfully account and deny making false accounts;And the taxpayers should actively apply for paying tax and pay enough in taxes, and they can apply for tax reduction when getting in tough times; Meanwhile, all taxpayers should contrive to be examples of legally paying tax, honestly act and positively putting themselves into creating the civilized city.
  It is a guarantee to establish a harmonious environment to pay tax.The municipal tax authorities consecutively host the monthly activity of publicizing the tax income lasting 26 years, making the tax law fully understood by the masses, the concept" deepen the reform of tax income and boost the enterprises' development" spontaneously obeyed and the idea" legally and honestly pay tax and establish a civilized city" can be a common goal that taxpayers pursue.And we need to build a long-time system about the tax income and push the taxing work to be fully understood, supported and supervised by the whole society, and strengthen the civilians' awareness toward the concept of tax law.Beside focusing on the publicity and education on the tax law, we also use serious measures targeting all kinds of dishonest actions just to keep justice in tax income.We should perfect the rank credit system about taxation and establish the incentive system of taxing in good faith. And continue to improve and regularize the taxing rules, severely punish those breaking the tax law, contrive to deal with tax evasion and fraud, and false accounts, protect benefits of those honestly pay tax, and build a market environment of justice.On top of these, we are also supposed to take advantages of taxing credit paying a basic role in social credit system, positively establish a database concerning managing the taxing credit, and employ the "big database" of tax revenue and erect trustworthiness archives for the taxpayers;In addition, it is also essential to enhance credit information shared among different departments, to build consistent incentive and punitive system involving honesty and dishonesty, to form a release system" red and black list" regarding the honestly paying tax, which can result in a situation the trustworthy persons will be permitted but the unreliable people be restricted.



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