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Research Alliances on Innovative Education of Zhuhui District Held Founding Ceremony in NO. 1 Railway High School
From:衡阳党政门户网 | Date Add in:2019-07-27 09:12:00 [A  A]

To implement the strategy of innovation-driven development and implement the spirit of Municipal Committee of the CPC and the Municipal Government and the Municipal Bureau of Education to promote the balance of urban education resources in the prestigious schools. The founding conference of Zhuhui Innovation Education Research Alliance was held in Hengyang NO. 1 Railway High School on January 22. There are 110 officials attending the meeting. Peng Tianwen, deputy director of Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Education, presided over the meeting.
Cheng Shaoping, Director-General of Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Education, stressed that the establishment of Zhuhui Innovation Education Research Alliance is a concrete manifestation of the implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech in the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.It is also a need for the implementation of the strategy of "Create a strong collective leadership and create a situation in which everyone is rushing to the top." of Hengyang education. It requires the principals of primary and secondary schools to seriously understand the significance of the establishment of the Zhuhui Innovation Education Research Alliance, do practical things, seek development, and work together to do a good job in the innovative development of schools, and tells everyone that there should be a big pattern of education, big education should have great innovation.

 Duan Zhiyang, Director-General of Hengyang Publicity Department, made a speech at the meeting. He highly affirmed and supported the establishment of Zhuhui Innovation Education Research Alliance. He put forward the "culture" as the medium, grasp the law of education, further improve the planning and rules of the alliance, and realize the common vision.

Peng Shumin, the principal of Hengyang Tieyi High School, made a theme report entitled "Crossing 2019, 'Liaoyuan Plan' ", introducing the origin, guiding ideology, development goal, formation mode, theme project and implementation guarantee of establishing Hengyang Zhuhui Innovation Education Research Alliance. Fei Shaozhong, principal of Hengyang No. 7 High School, Deng Bin, principal of Hengyang No. 3 High School, Wang Li, principal of Hengyang No. 23 High School, Xiao Maozhu, principal of Hengyang No. 17 High School, and Kuang Wu, principal of Experimental Primary School of Zhuhui District, made statements respectively, expressing their full support for the establishment of Zhuhui Innovation Education Research Alliance, and will reach consensus, work together for win-win cooperation.

Presiding over the meeting, Deputy Director Peng Tiantian highly affirmed the establishment of the alliance, gave specific guidance to the work objectives after its establishment, and placed great expectations on the development vision of the alliance.

The establishment marks the construction of Zhuhui Education Community in Hengyang City, forming a docking mechanism between supply and demand among schools, building a platform for cooperation and innovation, and starting to operate a mechanism of convergence, integration, development and sharing of high-quality resources.Under the guidance and supervision of Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Education, with the purpose of implementing the Party's and national education policies and implementing the strategic deployment of a series of municipal education, the Alliance will give full play to the exemplary radiation role of high-quality education resources headed by Hengyang Tieyi High School. Adhering to the principles of mutualism, complementary advantages and mutual promotion, taking Zhuhui education development, especially the existing problems of innovative development of teacher education and basic education, as a guide, taking projects as a starting point, we will carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation and research in the fields of management intercommunication, teaching and research interaction, mutual promotion of quality, mutual learning with characteristics, international communication with characteristics, innovative education project, etc., and strive to promote coordinated development, balanced development and connotation development among Zhuhui District Education Alliance School.

Sponsored by Hengyang Municipal People's Government, Undertaken by Hengyang Normal University
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