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How Can I Protect Myself from the Novel Coronavirus?
From:衡阳市党政门户网 | Date Add in:2022-07-15 10:31:53 [A  A]

Top 9 Self-Protection Reminders in Public Places during the Critical Period of Epidemic Prevention

In March, many people have resumed production and work. At the critical time of the resumption of work and production across the China, prevention and control cannot be relaxed! We still need to be vigilant against the epidemic situation, and we must not relax our slackness and avoid falling short. Here are top 9 self-protection reminders in public places during the critical period of prevention and control. Please pay attention to the protective work and measures in the following places.


1.Supermarkets and department stores

Shopping malls and supermarkets are public areas that are crowded with people. When you go to the shopping mall, you should try to avoid the peak passenger flow and cooperate with the body temperature detection.

When shopping, it is best to spread out to shop, maintain a safe distance with adjacent customers and reduce language communication. You are suggested to take the escalator between the elevator and the escalator, and keep a distance on the escalator, as well as do a good job of hand sanitation and disinfection.

When sneezing in line, be sure to cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or elbow. Whenever possible, choose non-direct electronic payment, such as QR code payment.


2.Public Park

Although the opening of the park scenic area is pleasing, it is still necessary to do a good job of personal protection and do not be careless so that the epidemic prevention work lost.


It is recommended that you should stagger the peak period when going in and out of the scenic spot, travel in batches, and enter the park strictly in accordance with the requirements of each scenic spot. You’d better regulate and wear masks properly and cooperate with body temperature measurement.

After entering the park, do not organize or participate in gathering activities, and try not to touch the public facilities in the scenic area and the park, such as benches, fitness equipment, handrails, etc. If you do not avoid contact, wash your hands in time for sanitizing your hands. Never touch your eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands before disinfecting.


Of course, it is best to reduce the number of garden visits and avoid excessively long stays in public.


3.Medical Locations

If there is no fever during the coronavirus epidemic, try to avoid going to a fever clinic. If you cannot avoid it, make an appointment in advance to avoid waiting too long and staying for a long time.


When entering a medical place, be sure to bring a mask, and reduce excessive contact with hospital items. If you can't avoid it, it is better to wear gloves, and you should bring a portable hand sanitizer for hand disinfection protection work.



We advocate scientific fitness and try to avoid going to closed indoor venues. In outdoor venues, you should also try your best to take precautions, regulate wearing masks, minimize contact with public facilities, and try to maintain a safe distance of 1.5 to 2 meters from others.


Do not participate in sports activities that require close contact. Protecting yourself is also protecting others.


5.Work Places

In the workplace, you should reduce gatherings such as meetings, and reduce daily communication. Try to use social software and other tools that do not need to gather to meet or talk, and try to be as distracted as possible while sitting.

At the same time, individuals in the workplace should also strengthen their self-prevention awareness, regulate wearing masks, and wash their hands as soon as possible after using public facilities such as elevators.

It is recommended that you develop the daily habit of wearing a mask, washing your hands frequently, ventilating, and drinking plenty of water. Try to avoid gathering meals during meals.



During the resumption of work, masks must be worn properly when dining at the restaurant. Try to avoid face-to-face meals while reducing meal time and staying too long.


It's best to stagger the rush hours to eat. If there are more people in the restaurant, it is better to pack and bring them back to avoid potential threats such as possible cross infection. At the same time when eating, pay attention to the sanitation and disinfection of hands, and pay attention to washing hands frequently.


7.Airports and stations

During the resumption of work, the airport and the station are densely crowded and the people coming and going are more complicated. Therefore, it is best to calculate the time of travel when traveling and avoid waiting at the airport or station for a long time.

During the journey, you must pay attention to wearing masks in a standardized manner, and try to avoid or reduce conversations with other passengers. If possible, it is best to keep a distance from the seat, and pay attention to civilization and use tissue paper when coughing or sneezing.


8.Subways and buses

Try to minimize or avoid touching facilities in the bus or subway, and try to keep conversations with other passengers to a minimum and at a distance.

9.Taxi and ride-hailing

When taking a taxi or online ride-hailing car, if possible, it is best to open the door for one to two minutes before boarding the vehicle, and disinfect the contact area with disinfectant paper towels.


During the whole ride, be sure to wear a mask regularly and check whether the driver is wearing a mask. If not, remind the driver to wear a mask. It is best to open the window to ventilate during driving. You can also use electronic payment methods, such as QR codes, without direct contact when paying.

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