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Hengyang Food-No.9 Aunt Ma Longevity Thick Soup
From:衡阳党政门户网 | Date Add in:2019-07-23 12:16:00 [A  A]

No.9 Aunt Ma Longevity Thick Soup
Restaurant: Nan Yue Telegraphy Restaurant
Producer: Liu Peng
According to legend, immortal Magu lives in the middle area of Nan Yue Mountain. There once has been a sudden plague one year. Magu has tried various therapeutic approaches to relieve people’s ache but failed. Finally, she has to take out her millennium collection, a medicinal fungus, along with corn and spring to boil with God (bighead carp) fish for three days and three nights. After the thick soup of the dish has been distributed to people there, the epidemic has been controlled. From then on, Ma Gu Longevity Thick Soup has become one of the most cherished dishes in the immortal families. Now with innovative cuisine, the soup is more distinctive, with characteristics of fragrance, smoothness, richness in nutrition and taste.
Sponsored by Hengyang Municipal People's Government, Undertaken by Hengyang Normal University
Co-sponsored by Information Office of Hengyang Municipal People's Government Technical Support & Design:Hengyang Normal University
ICP NO:05002289