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The Scenery of the Mishui River
From:衡阳市党政门户网 | Date Add in:2021-09-29 11:50:42 [A  A]

The scenery belt along the Mishui River is a provincial-level scenic spot. Located at the downstream of the Mishui section in Hengdong County, it originates from Zhishan Mountain in Yanling County at the west foot of Luoxiao Mountain. Its origin is the Mausoleum of Emperor Yandi, the resting place of the ancestor of the Chinese nation, and is also Jinggang Mountain, which is the cradle of Chinese revolution. Therefore, the Mishui River has the reputations of “the long river of history” and “the Red River”. The Mishui River is a clear river that has not been polluted by industrial waste. Its good water quality is very rare in Hunan Province and even all over the country, and the quality has been maintained above Grade 2.  

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