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Jiulong Gorge Rafting
From:衡阳市党政门户网 | Date Add in:2021-09-29 11:58:53 [A  A]

Jiulong Gorge rafting, located in Hengyang, Hunan Province, is between Mt. Goulou and Mt. Baishi of Mount Heng. It is 26 kilometers away from the urban district of Hengyang in the south and 12 kilometers away from the core scenic zone of Mount Heng. It starts from Miaoxi village in Hengyang County, Hengyang city, and ends in Baini village. The whole journey is 5 kilometers, with a drop of 110 meters. It is said that the story of “Jiulong Controlling Water” took place here. On both sides of the gorge, there are towering peaks, lush pine forests, waves of bamboo and beautiful rural scenery. The river courses are tortuous and crisscross, up and down, just like dancing dragons, and the rafting is known as “No. 1 rafting of the Five Mountains in China”. 

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